Answer the students’ survey on language principles!

Finnish is the official language of Tampere University and the TREY student union. However, nearly 2,000 members of the 18,000-strong TREY are not proficient in Finnish, meaning that their first language is neither Finnish nor Swedish. To ensure that members of the student union have equal status, the activities, communications, services and advocacy at TREY and the associations forming it should be accessible to those whose working language and the language of communication is not Finnish.

In spring 2021, Tampere University and TREY jointly carry out a survey to gather the views of the entire community on the linguistic aspects that should be considered at the multilingual University and student union. The responses will be used to draft the language principles of both Tampere University and TREY. In this survey, bilingualism refers to the use of Finnish and English.

“Multilingualism is a strength for the members of the student community. With these linguistic principles we can promote that the services and communication of the Student Union are accessible for everyone and also that those members of the Student Union, who use English as their communication language, are equally able to participate in student activities.”

Answer the linguistic principle survey at last on 14th May in Jotform! By answering you can help to bring the student perspective to the development of the linguistic principles of our University and Student Union.

Enquiries: Member of the Board Tuomas Karvonen (, 044 756 8539)