Take part in the students’ mid-term policy review campaign!

The Student Union of Tampere University’s mid-term policy review campaign invites all members of the student union and student associations to write emails taking a stand to the Members of Parliament of Pirkanmaa! The purpose of the campaign on 14–22 April, which will take place near the mid-term policy review, is to require decision-makers to invest in students’ mental health, livelihood, and funding for higher education.

Ways to participate to the campaign

Each participant in the campaign chooses one or more Members of Parliament to share their stories with: to share their own concerns, dream of a better future, and encourage politicians to make decisions. The purpose of the email is to remind the decision-makers that students have suffered from the coronavirus crisis the most and now is the time to intervene. The distress of students is solved not only with “just try to cope” messages, but with genuine and real investments in education and well-being!

The materials for TREY’s mid-term policy review campaign can be found in TREY’s material data bank, which is in Google Drive. In the material data bank, you will find everything relevant for writing an email. You can also send a pre-written message. TREY’s Google Drive material data bank link.

Social media part of the campaign

Tell about your participation in the campaign on social media so that the important message for students reaches as many people as possible. Let’s make participating visible so that as many students as possible will send their own message to the MPs. Sharing the message says that the issue is important for the Tampere student community.

To ensure the visibility of the campaign, we hope that you will share your own email or its most important message on Instagram at @treytampere and #westudents #puoliväliriihi. You can also share your message on Twitter or Facebook with the same hashtags. Challenge your buddies too!

Comforting messages are no longer enough. What is needed now is the real investment in education and well-being.