Tampere University and TREY sign a user agreement on students’ association facilities

Tampere University supports feelings of community among the students and student associations’ activities by allocating them facilities on the campuses. Some 80 associations are using such facilities. Tampere University and TREY Student Union have signed a user agreement that they have jointly prepared. The user agreement has also been sent to the associations for signature.

The draft facilities use agreement was distributed to the associations and feedback was collected in April. A joint discussion for the University and the associations was arranged on 3 May. Tampere University and TREY Student Union signed the jointly prepared agreement on 24 May. The user agreement has also been sent to the associations for signature.

According to the Code of Conduct of Tampere Universities, all members of the community have the right to a safe, non-discriminatory, and equal study and work environment. The aim of the user agreement is to ensure the fulfilment of this right, jointly agree on the terms of use of the associations’ facilities and storerooms and to support the community spirit in a safe and healthy manner.

In the agreement, the terms of use are based on Tampere Universities’ current regulations and principles (among other things the Code of Conduct, rules on access rights and the safety policy). The user agreement also mentions that the associations are regularly offered safety drills and safety reviews. The association facilities are available to the students in accordance with the terms of use included in the agreement. The use of the facilities and the fulfilment of the terms of use are also monitored by the associations.

Further information: turvallisuus@tuni.fi

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