The 2020 entrance exams will be organised differently due to the pandemic

We will update this bulletin as the situation unfolds.

This year’s entrance exams will not be arranged physically. Alternative ways of arranging entrance exams are being surveyed at the moment, and the exams will be organised on digital platforms. The reason for this is the severity of the pandemic situation. The university has 250 entrance exams overall, which affect tens of thousands of applicants and result in large amounts of people from different areas coming into contact with each other. The policy has been made by Universities Finland’s (UNIF) vice presidents responsible for education. In spite of the state of emergency, the aim is that new students begin their studies normally in the autumn.

This is how the changes affect applicants who are participating in entrance exams:

  • Changes will be informed via the Studyinfo portal and the universities webpages as well as webpages dedicated to the various joint admission procedures.
  • Physical entrance exams are for the most part not organised, the exams are instead transferred onto digital platforms. Online courses are also possible.
    • Organising small-scale physical entrance exams is possible in situations that absolutely require it, as long as proper safety precautions are followed
  • The number of people selected based on school certificates will be increased, but this will not be the only way to select applicants. The organisers of the entrance exams will evaluate the effect this has on the selection criteria.
    • The point of view of applicants and the chance of all those who are applied to be accepted are taken into account in the alternate selection criteria.
  • The universities will disseminate information on the changed admission procedures as soon as possible regarding the examinations scheduled for April. The details on all other entrance examinations will be communicated no later than 30 April.

We will monitor the national situation with the university and inform students about any future changes. This situations is exceptional and challenging to our entire university community.
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact TREY. The contact information for TREY’s staff and board members can be found on TREY’s website here.

Here’s a list of links with more information about admissions:

UNIFI’s bulletin – University’s entrance exams to be replaced by alternative admissions procedures this spring
University’s bulleting about the subject: :

Contact information for Tampere University and Unifi:

Marja Sutela
Vice President for Education
Tampere University
tel. +358 40 721 5204

Petri Suomala
Chair of the Unifi meetings for vice presidents for education
Universities Finland UNIFI
tel. +358 40 591 8044