The application period to join the research section of Tampere University’s campus development has been extended until April 7!

TREY is looking for student representatives for campus development section work starting this spring. The sections will discuss common issues and objectives on the topics from the perspective of campus development. Themes will be worked on together in an informal manner and occasionally based on a specialist’s introduction. The sections will work alongside the campus development team.

The research section

The research section’s themes are particularly the development and maintenance of quality research spaces and their location in our universities. The section will discuss issues such as opportunities for joint use of research environments and the benefits brought by shared resources as well as the perspectives of future research. The section’s agenda also covers making research visible by efforts such as developing environments and showroom activities. The section will cooperate with the research development programme through the research environments working group.

The section work is an excellent place to influence the recognition of real needs in campus development and to ensure that future campus environments are better than ever from the perspective of us students.

The section will take in 1–2 student representatives. The section will meet around four times a year and it will be composed for one-year terms. The section work is only just beginning, so more detailed principles will be defined in the first meetings.

The application period will end on 7 April and you can apply with this form.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information from TREY’s campus development organiser Julius Haapakoski, julius.haapakoski[at], TG: @treyjulius

Join us in developing the campuses together!