The Board of Tampere University decided on the campus facilities action plan

The Board of Tampere University had a meeting today and, among other things, made a decision about the campus facilities action plan. In the meeting, the Board decided to go with the option that was suggested by the University’s President. This option was innovated by the Board in their meeting on 12 November and in this plan, Pinni A, Festia and some parts of Arvo 1 buildings will be cut out of the campus facilities by the year 2025. In addition, the Board authorised the President to initiate the preparations ahead of the second stage of the facilities programme in close collaboration with the faculties and the University community in the spring of 2022.

In our statement in the beginning of December, TREY brought up that the option that the University’s Board had innovated was the least worst option. In our statement, we criticized that with the materials and information that was given to the University community, it is impossible to see the long term effects of this option. We are closely observing the results of the Board’s decision and wait for the tight and interactive collaboration in our community regarding the second phase of the campus facilities’ action plan. We hope that the execution of the action plan will result in developing facilities in an appropriate way that serves the community’s needs and will not weaken our opportunities for studying, working and student activities.

You can find more information about the meeting of the University’s Board and the action plan of the campus facilities from University’s Intranet.