The corona pandemic has caused many challenges for students – TREY’s corona survey reports are now published

Students have been hit hard by the coronavirus-related regulations and restrictions.
Many students live alone, and their social lives mostly revolve around their studies and
the campus. The shift to remote learning and the limited campus opening hours have
made life more difficult for many students.

TREY launched a survey on remote studying and the effects of coronavirus regulations
on 4 September. The survey was open until 30 September. The purpose of this survey
was for TREY to obtain more information on students’ experiences of how the coronavirus pandemic had affected their studies and well-being. A lot of students took part in the survey, we got almost 1400 answers. The answering activity was highest in Hervanta campus.

The results tell of many of the challenges students have faced during the corona pandemic. The limited opening hours of the university have made studying harder for some and a large portion of students believe that remote learning will have a negative effect in their studies. The results have raised concerns about the well-being of the students and TREY is working to ensure that we can better support students during this difficult time.

The results of the survey have been utilized during the autumn in advocacy work, for example in the direction of the university. We have presented the results extensively to various parties, e.g. the pandemic group, teaching staff and coordination group for education.

A summary of the results can be found here.