The Kettles of Student Culture

There are many traditions and events associated with student culture that could be compared to my kettle. They are old and functional, but they may not be understood right away. My kettle has a really complicated start button and it doesn’t have an indicator light to indicate that the kettle is on. This caused some minor inconveniences at first.

I now get along with my kettle as I’ve learned how to use it. I have no doubt that student culture would certainly cope with its own kettles. However, student culture should not only survive, but thrive and shine in its existence. In order for student culture to thrive and shine, it must be easily approachable and accessible to all.

Student culture does not die or disappear, if traditions and customs are changed. Rephrasing offensive words in songs, removing inappropriate images and objects from clubroom, or inventing a vegan alternative to traditional treats may seem small and insignificant acts if one has not experienced externality or not belonging. However, these acts are necessary for more and more students to experience student culture and enjoy it.

Change require two things: time and active members, or perhaps rather active members with time. Many active members in association are already fully employed for studies and association work, and it may not be easy to find time for active change. I wish all the associations would prioritize time for critical review and possible updating of their traditions and activities.

Let’s create a more accessible and approachable student culture by our actions. Kettles can also be easy to use.