The recipients of the Internationalisation Grant and the grant for cultural associations have been decided!

Tampere University has decided the recipients of the grant for cultural associations and the Internationalisation Grant for associations operating within TREY. The grants for cultural associations totalled €29,900 and Internationalisation Grants totalled €25,087.

The decisions on awarding these grants were based on the criteria announced in the notices of application (Support grant for the cultural student associations rewarded by Tampere University and Association, apply for the international grant!). The Student Union of Tampere University has participated in the preparations of awarding the grants, and TREY’s own grants for associations have been taken into consideration in the preparations.

Awarded grants:

The criteria for the grants for 2021 will enter planning early this autumn. The application period for the University’s grants for next year will open before the end this year if possible.

More information:

Grant for cultural associations: Julius Haapakoski

Internationalisation Grant: Anriika Kauppi