Support grant for the cultural student associations rewarded by Tampere University

Education and Learning Services of Tampere University is setting a total grant of €25,000 up for applying for the associations operating within TREY – Student Union of Tampere University whose primary purpose is to create cultural productions. Awarding the grant to associations is coordinated with the student union. By awarding the grant, Tampere University wishes to support and enable associations to create cultural produc-tions and further develop their activities.

A working group consisting of representatives from Financial Services, Support Services of Education and Learning, Communications and the Student Union prepares matters that awarding the grant involves. The working group makes a proposal of awarding the grant and handles reports concerning how it is spent. In addition, the working group prepares the future application periods. After the proposal is complete, the rec-tor and the vice rector of education deliberate it.

Who can apply and for what purposes is the grant awarded?

  • Associations operating within TREY are eligible for applying.
  • The grant is awarded to on-going, long term activities and development

The notice of application and criteria can be found here.

The application is to be submitted by an online Joftorm-form. The application period runs from June 1st until June 9th.

For more information, please contact:

  • Tampere University: Katja Vikki, controller, 050 301 5551,
  • TREY: Julius Haapakoski, board member (vice-chair, community, campus development, associations), 040 713 0088,