The second year of the Student Union approaches! – Annika Nevanpää to serve as TREY’s chair in 2020

The Council of Representatives for the Student Union of Tampere University had its autumn meeting on 26 November and chose the new executive board, committee members and council chairpersons today 27 November in its organisational meeting.

In its autumn meeting, the council approved the Plan of Action for TREY, which consists of 17 projects which will be undertaken next year. Building the community, establishing the foundations for TREY’s work and advocacy regarding current themes concerning the university community as well as long-term projects are highlighted in next year’s plans. A new student media outlet will be born in Tampere next year. Its development starts with the recruitment of an editor-in-chief in early 2020. The approved budget supports and gives the outlines for the execution of the Plan of Action. A notable detail in the budget is that the membership fee for degree students will be raised by 3 euros.

Today in its organisational meeting, the council elected new chairpersons, members to its committees as well as the chair and executive board for the Student Union. Adam Zeidan (MEMES) was elected as the chair of the Council of Representatives, with Merve Caglayan (Vihreä lista) as the 1st vice-chair and Iiris Taubert (Proka) as the 2nd vice-chair.

One member from each council group was elected to the Administration Committee and the council chose Aliisa Toivanen (Sity) as its chairperson. In accordance with the board’s motion, the members for the Committee for Financial Affairs will be Eero Vehka-aho (chair), Kalle Tuunanen, Masi Kajander, Lassi Mäkinen, Tiina Mikkonen, Sanni Nyyssönen and Tommi Kukkonen. Members invited on the Honorary Committee are, in accordance with the board’s motion, Ville Korpiluoto (chair), Tuire Jalaskoski, Paula Nykänen, Suvi Parhankangas, Juha Köykkä, Eero Vehka-aho and Tuomas Rissanen.

The council elected Annika Nevanpää, a 4th year administrative sciences student, as the chairperson of the executive board for next year. She has been this year’s educational and international affairs organiser in the board.

I am really excited to lead TREY in a new decade on its second full year of existence. This year’s board has done amazing work towards building the new student union and they have set up the development of our community and advocacy work for success. We have a good group of people chosen for next year, and I can’t wait to start working alongside our staff!”, rejoices the newly-elected chairperson Nevanpää. The elected board members for 2020 are Julius Haapakoski, Ville Jäppinen, Tuomas Kauppinen, Anriika Kauppi, Ella Meriläinen, Aleksi Niemi, Noora Tapio, Iiris Taubert and Salla-Mari Palokari. The new board gets organised later this year. As Taubert was elected to the board, the council will choose a new 2nd vice-chair in it’s January meeting. Congratulations to the elected and thank you to all who applied!

The board and council chairpeople of TREY 2020