The Student Union of Tampere University decided on its candidates for the University’s Board of Trustees!

In its 29 August meeting, the Executive Board of the Student Union of Tampere University decided its candidates for the Tampere University’s Board of Trustees. The candidates are Kati Korhonen-Yrjänheikki, Doctor of Science; Soile Koriseva, Master of Arts (Education); Maija Mattila, Doctor of Social Sciences; and Mari Pantsar, Doctor of Philosophy.

The terms of two members of the University’s Board of Trustees will expire in the end of 2019, which is why the Academic Board will appoint two new Board members in autumn. The university community had the possibility to propose candidates for the Board until 31 August. One of the two Board members will be chosen from the university community’s nominations; the other from those of the establishers of the foundation. Currently, two of the seven University Board members are women, which TREY has acknowledged in its nominees.

The Student Union of Tampere University has encouraged the students to make their own nominations to the Nomination Committee and to share their ideas with TREY to support the drafting of the membership candidacy. By doing so, the student union has enforced its legal duty and prepared students for an active, aware and critical citizenship. The Nomination Committee appointed by the Academic Board will go through the membership nominations and prepare its final motion for the Academic Board during the upcoming months. The Nomination Committee is represented by both the university community and the establishers of the foundation.

“The public university Board members are required to have an excellent view on the University’s matters, which is why TREY considered the types of skills and knowledge we students would prefer to see there. We felt that communicating about our nomination work as openly as possible is essential,” says Annika Nevanpää, a Student Union Board member involved in the drafting.  

“In our opinion, the nominees as a unit would undoubtedly promote student expertise, multidisciplinariness and versatility as well as the visionary of higher education and academic affairs. We wish the Nominating Committee peaceful labour and will keenly follow what happens next!” comments Paavo Antikainen, vice Chair of the Student Union Executive Board.

More information on the student union’s nomination work: Academic affairs Specialist Jenny Vaara (, 050 361 2847).