The way to subscribe to TREYs weekly newsletter changes!

From this week on TREYs weekly newsletter will arrive directly through the service MailChimp. To receive the newsletter in the future it must be ordered through the new service. The weekly newsletter will arrive in the usual way every Friday.

TREYs newsletter includes highlights about the university community’s newest topics of discussion. You can order it through MailChimp’s subscription form.

The changes to the newsletter have been previously communicated in the newsletter.

Changes regarding the newsletter (from the previous newsletters)

Currently TREY’s newsletter functions so that a person wishing to s ubscribe to the newsletter joins the mailing list on the University’s server. This mailing list then subscribes to the newsletter server Mailchimp through which TREY sends the newsletter.

Now we wish to transfer the contact details of the newsletter’s subscribers from the University’s server directly to Mailchimp because the University’s server has proven excessive and increases the risk of the newsletter never arriving. Mailchimp is not meant for forwarding email to mailing lists but for individual subscribers. The current system has proven problematic especially in situations where a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe but fails to do that through the correct server. This results in them continuing to receive the newsletter they tried to unsubscribe from. We want to mend this situation with this change.

We need the subscribers’ consent to transfer their personal details from the University’s server (name and email address) to TREY’s Mailchimp subscription. This change does not affect the subscribers in any way other than that their information will now be stored on Mailchimp instead of the server. The newsletter will continue to arrive as it has thus far.

To receive TREY’s newsletter in the future, please subscribe to the newsletter through Mailchimps subscription form. The transition period for transferring information lasts until the end of September. That is, on 1 October 2020, we will delete the information on the server and send the newsletter only to those subscribed to it on Mailchimp. You can choose the language of the newsletter on the form. Please update your subscription through the link provided! If you do not want your information transferred to Mailchimp, you can ignore this message. In that case, your information will be deleted with the mailing list, and you will no longer receive the newsletter.