Top management and Student Union of Tampere University: Together we can root out all forms of discrimination, misogyny and harassment from our community

There is no room for discrimination, misogyny or harassment in our University. Tampere University and student union TREY are committed to promoting equality in all their endeavours and providing a safe environment for all the members of the university community.

We take the experiences discussed in the media in the past few days very seriously and are deeply sorry that the members our university community have experienced harassment and discrimination. We thank all those who have shared their painful personal experiences to highlight the problems persisting in our community as well as the student associations that have taken significant steps to create a safer campus environment.

We welcome and encourage active discussion about harassment and displays of misogyny within student culture. We hope this discussion serves as a wake-up call to our community and galvanises us all to take prompt action to address any problems. We here at Tampere University and TREY are working together with our student associations to do everything in our power to foster the creation of an increasingly equal and safe campus.

All the members of our university community are entitled to work and learn in a safe environment. Still, announcing a commitment to equality without concrete actions is not enough. Being a new University, we will continue to actively develop the procedures for responding to harassment and work to end all forms of discrimination and harassment in our community.

TREY is educating its own internal stakeholders and affiliated associations about addressing equality concerns and harassment during its annual training day and by hosting dedicated training sessions. TREY’s equality plan and principles for creating a safe space provide a framework for TREY and its affiliated associations to continue promoting equality. The student union has two contact persons who are trained to provide advice and support to anyone who has experienced inappropriate behaviour or harassment in our community.

Courage and responsibility are among the core values of our University, and we are calling for all the members of our community to promptly address all forms of harassment and discrimination. Tampere University is continuously working to promote equality. We can all contribute to creating an equal environment for all the members of our community. We encourage everyone to address inappropriate behaviour and report it, for example, to the designated harassment contacts. Critically reflect on your own behaviour and the behaviour of those around you. Together we can root out all forms of discrimination, misogyny and harassment from our community and safeguard the preconditions for good and safe learning and working at Tampere University.

Mari Walls, president of Tampere University
President’s Management Group
Annika Nevanpää,
chair of TREY
Venla Monter, secretary general of TREY
Board of TREY