TREY appointed student representatives to the University management system working group

In the beginning of August, the Board of Tampere University decided to establish a working group to assess the functionality and needed improvements to the University’s management system and University Regulations. The working group is useful and desired, but we criticized the University for the ways they decided to appoint representatives for this working group without hearing from the community. We wrote a statement and had discussions with the University, which lead to a request to appoint! We opened a search for student representatives for this working group during the first week of September.

TREY appoints five student representatives to the group, two being deputy members. Four student representatives are selected from among the members of the faculty councils and one who is not a member of a faculty council.

The Board of the Student Union of Tampere University held a meeting on 10 September and appointed the student representatives to the University management system working group. The appointed student representatives are Esko Nieminen (deputy member Suvi Parhankangas), Katariina Kojo (deputy member Eemeli Lahtinen) and Tiina Mikkonen.

The appointed students are long-term student actives and they have vision on both the current university and the merging of previous ones. It was great to see that we got applications from diverse experienced student actives. The Board felt that the appointed students have a wide know-how of the field.”, states the Specialist in Educational Affairs Tiia Virtanen, who works with student representative selections.

We are happy that the assembly of the working group is a more legitimate representation of our community now. It’s a good thing that the University has decided to improve the University’s management system, and we look forward to the working group’s results.”, continues the Chair of the Student Union’s board Annika Nevanpää.

The working group will begin it’s work immediately. The working group will report to the Board of Tampere University in November 2020.

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