TREY comments on the university’s programme of measures for campus development

TREY gave a statement on the programme of measures for campus development on Wednesday, 13 October. Tampere University had asked for TREY’s comments on the themes that were highlighted in the preparation of the programme of measures regarding the university’s facilities. The themes include economic and responsible use of facilities, different needs in the use of facilities, preparedness to changes regarding facility development, and the operational culture. TREY’s statement has been approved in the meeting of the Executive Board on 13 October.

In our comment, we paid special attention to themes that are important to us students. We hope that they are considered when working on the programme of measures for campus development. The themes include:

    • The opportunities for social interaction need to be considered when thinking about the future of campus facilities. The partial transition to remote teaching does not decrease the students and staff’s need for social interaction.
    • Association spaces are essential, not only for meeting other students but also for receiving help related to studies. Associations spaces can help students attach to the community of their own field of studies as well as the whole university community.
    • Students need ergonomic working spaces for independent studying, including quiet spaces, spaces to follow lectures in and different meeting spaces.
    • Digitalisation is not a reason to decrease the number of study facilities – it just changes what kinds of functions the facilities are used for. For example, more facilities for both individual and group work will be needed. In addition, hybrid teaching that combines remote and contact teaching means that there is a need for campus spaces where it is possible to attend remote lectures independently.
    • Open and transparent communication is essential when it comes to the future of campus facility development. The discussions had in the community indicate that campus facility issues are important to all of us, and many worry that the social and cultural significance of spaces is not considered enough.

“The development of campus facilities needs to take into account the different needs of community members. Many students use campus facilities, and to some they are the only chance to do quiet, effective and ergonomic work”, says Lassi Halminen, TREY’s board member responsible for the sector of campus development.

TREY’s comment in full (in Finnish) (.pdf, 1,52 Mt)

More information from Specialist in Association Affairs, Mikael Lehtonen,, 040 713 0079