TREY condemns violence against civilians — advice for students on how to deal with the war in Gaza

The news regarding civilians killed in Gaza and Israel shocks us all. The Student Union of Tampere University condemns the violence happening in the area and demands that the Republic of Finland takes steps to bring about peace and end the war. The nearly ten thousand civilians killed, along with their loved ones, are the biggest victims of the war, and we demand an immediate end to the violence and killing of civilians.

No situation justifies racism, antisemitism or islamophobia, and there should be no room for any kind of discrimination. We want to show our support to all our students who are affected by the situation. Please remember that discussion help is available, and seeking help is recommended and important, especially if the situation affects you personally. If you need discussion help, MIELI Mental Health Finland’s crisis phone is open at 09 2525 0116 – check out their website for opening hours.

  • As much as you can, find out about the situation from reliable sources and share information and ways to help with those close to you. Remember source criticism when communicating about the situation on social media.
  • Be kind to yourself when following the news and take breaks from social media and the news if necessary.
  • Channel your feelings into action, and find out how you could be of help. A good way to help the victims of war is, for example, donations, which you can make e.g. for Unicef and Pelastakaa lapset ry (Save the Children Finland).

Although the Middle East is far from Finland, the war and its terrible effects touch many members of our universities’ community personally. We hope that we can support each other in this situation, and we demand that the Republic of Finland does its part to guarantee peace and stop the violence.