TREY has no room for fascists

TREY refuses co-operation with The Finns Party Youth association as long as they break our student union’s equality principles.

The Finns Party Youth’s first vice chair Toni Jalonen participated as the associations representative in the Estonian Etnofutur-conference during the weekend. In the speech he held he said that he is a fascist. In addition many prominent members of the association have described themselves as etnonationalists.

TREY already has a clear statement in its policy paper about the matter. The board has discussed the subject during its meeting at 27.2. and stated that the policy is undisputable.

”There is no room in our community for actions that go against human rights and democracy. Our equality principles ensure that all members of our association have the right to be treated equally. As long as The Finns Party Youth doesn’t respect this and allows fascism in its organisation, we have no reason to collaborate.” Says TREYs chair Annika Nevanpää.

Many youth organisations and the National Union of University Students in Finland have also refused to co-operate with the organisation. You can read TREYs equality plan below.

Equality plan:

National Union of University Students in Finland’s statement: (only in Finnish):