The Student Union of Tampere nominates Jussi-Pekka Teini for the Board of Tampere University

The Executive Board of the Student Union of Tampere University decided their nomination for the Board of Tampere University in their meeting 28/2021. Our candidate is M.Sc. (Tech), Sustainable Technology Society Specialist Jussi-Pekka Teini. 

Teini would strengthen the social impact of the university board, especially in the field of technology. He works as an Adviser on Engineering Sustainability with a special area of expertise in a sustainable technology society. In his work, Teini has also accumulated international expertise by finding out how sustainability studies in the EU and the Nordic countries have been included as part of degrees and how Finnish universities rank in this comparison.

In his dissertation, Teini has studied the Tampere3 fusion (“A Digital Campus in 2030: The Case of the Three Merging Higher Education Institutions in Tampere”). He has also completed a  Study Programme in Administration and Management of Higher Education (40 ECTS) at the University of Tampere. Teini’s excellent knowledge of higher education policy is also supported by his work experience as the Education Policy Secretary of the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology in 2014-2015, as well as a member of the board in 2013.

“Teini would bring to the university board a solid knowledge of sustainable development and a special vision of how Tampere University could make its operations more sustainable. His diverse background gives him the ability to understand the challenges and opportunities of a multidisciplinary university also from the student’s point of view”, says Tuomas Karvonen, TREY’s board member responsible for educational affairs.

The terms of the three members of the Board of the University of Tampere will end at the end of 2021, which is why the Academic Board will appoint three members to the Board in the autumn. The university community had a chance to nominate candidates for the Board until August 31.

TREY prepared a nomination so that issues that are important to us students will also be considered when appointing the Board of Tampere University. The nominations will go to the Appointment Committee appointed by the Academic Board. The Appointment Committee ensures a high level of the nominations through, for instance, interviews. The Appointment Committee has representatives from both the university community and the founders.

An information pack for a seat on the Board of Tampere University can be found on TREY’s website.

Further information on the student union’s nomination work: Aliisa Toivanen, the Specialist in International and Educational Affairs (, 050 361 2849).