TREY nominates Mirva Pekkola for the Executive Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) in 2023!

The TREY Council of Representatives decided in its meeting today on 23 August to nominate the TREY educational affairs organiser Mirva Pekkola for the SYL Executive Board in 2023. 

Pekkola, 27, is an computer sciences student and has experience working on the board of her student association as responsible for education policy and social policy.

“In the coming year, SYL’s focus will be on parliamentary elections and influencing the government program. I want to be involved in securing a better tomorrow for students. In everyday life, students must have the conditions for a decent life, both in terms of livelihood and access to health care services. In the big picture, it is also still important to do long-term work for the accessibility and free of charge of higher education”, says Pekkola.

Kuva nuoresta naisesta edestäpäin otettuna

SYL will elect the 2023 Executive Board in the next General Assembly in Espoo on 18-19 November. SYL represents and advocates for university students in Finland on a national level. TREY will be represented in the General Assembly by a delegation of 18 votes.