TREY proposes Paavo Antikainen to the Executive Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) in 2020

TREY’s Council of Representatives has decided today in its 24 September meeting to propose TREY’s Vice Chair and responsible social affairs, Paavo Antikainen, to SYL’s Executive Board in 2020. Antikainen, 25, is a fifth-year student of Social Sciences and is a seasoned organisation activist and student influencer.

“In 2020, SYL will play a major role as an influential player in matters related to students’ everyday life. My personal keystone of the student movement is the well-being of the people. Whether it is the equal treatment of everybody, the accessibility of services or the gratuitousness of education, striving for a better welfare is always there” stated Antikainen in his address in the Council meeting.

“In addition to the robust competence and professionalism, the student movement requires a real willingness to fix any possible shortcomings. But boldness cannot be the only determining factor here – thoughtfulness and caring for others should also be included in the process. After all, change calls for the ability to listen and understand others along with doing exacting work. I believe that the world can be changed by truly seeing other persons.”

SYL will elect its Board of 2020 in its next General Assembly in Lahti, 15.–16.11.2019. SYL represents Finnish university students on a national level and is their advocate. TREY will be represented by a delegation in the General Assembly. The delegation is in possession of 18 votes.