TREY’s climate campaign #yoursolution

We students are the future’s solution to climate change, but political solutions are needed now. The leading goal of the student movement’s election campaign is, in addition to the development of education and subsistence, stopping climate change – that is why TREY encourages the students to show that Finland should commit to sufficient actions to fix climate change.

  • Finland must be carbon neutral by the year of 2030.
  • Finland must push for progressive climate change policies in the European Union.
  • A climate study key project is launched, and within its limits institutes of higher education can apply for research financing.
  • The society’s taxation and subsidy systems must quickly be altered, so that they strongly direct to reducing emissions and taking care of the environment.

TREY now challenges all students to share, what kind of solutions you or your association have to demand actions to stop climate change – whether it’s a happening, an everyday act or participating in a climate march! Share your solution on social media with the hashtag #sunratkaisu and challenge your friends as well. Let’s increase the visibility of an important thing to us together and demand solutions!

TREY themselves presents different solutions: first in line is the student’s national climate strike, which is one of the student movement’s ways of showing their demands for the upcoming Government Programme. You can participate all around Finland on Friday April 4th. You will hear more about this later this week!

What is your solution?


TREY’s #yoursolution -blog series is part of SYL’s and SAMOK’s #koulutustaprkl -election campaign. The three main goals of the campaign are climate, education and welfare. You can read more from here.