TREY’s coronavirus survey gathered over 1,300 responses – Juvenes Café Konehuone opens its doors from 12 to 17 on weekdays

This autumn, TREY carried out a survey regarding restrictions caused by the pandemic and studying remotely that gathered over 1,300 responses. There were around 820 responses from Hervanta campus, around 460 from the city centre campus and a few dozen from Kauppi campus. Thank you to all who responded!

A report about the results of the survey has been forwarded and the data gathered from those will be used in TREY’s advocacy work regarding things like the opening hours of campuses as well as studying and well-being. Some results have already been achieved and advocacy work continues regarding the opening hours of campuses, for instance. 

Among other things, the survey asked about student meals on weeknights and Saturdays. In total, 60% of the people who responded felt that they strongly agree or somewhat agree with the statement: “I would like to eat in student restaurants on weeknights”. 50% of the respondents felt that they would like to eat in student restaurants on Saturdays. 

Based on the results of the survey, Juvenes Café Konehuone on Hervanta Campus begins experimenting with serving meals between 12 and 17 on weekdays starting from 16 November. If this experiment succeeds, we hope that the opening hours of other restaurants on campuses will be extended as well.