TREY’s new employees in autumn 2021!

A few new employees have started working at TREY this autumn, so let’s introduce them!

Oke Rouhe

Oke started as TREY’s new financial manager in August. Oke has a long experience in many financial management roles and has continued his careful line in managing TREY’s finances. Welcome!


Jenna Rantanen

Jenna will start her work as a new specialist in educational and international affairs in January. Jenna has studied lifelong learning and education and may be a familiar face to some after being responsible for educational affairs in TREY’s board in 2019. Welcome back!


Nikke Sillanpää

Nikke worked as an editorial trainee for TREY’s student media Visiiri this autumn. He is a third-year journalism student. In Visiiri, he has focused especially on cultural themes. Thank you Nikke for your work in Visiiri!



Elli Juola

Elli worked at TREY as a translator trainee this autumn. Elli is a fifth year English and translation student. Taking care of bilingualism is an important value at TREY, so thank you to Elli for her important work in maintaining the inclusion of international students in our community!


Sami Harmaala

Sami works as our substitute sales coordinator as our permanent sales coordinator Mari Sillanpää is on a study leave until summer 2022. Sami is a second-year IT student from Hervanta and has gained sales expertise in his home association TiTe. Welcome to Sami!


Tuulia Laakso

Tuulia will start as a substitute for our association specialist Mikael Lehtonen, and will work for the spring. Tuulia is a bioengineering student from Hervanta and has worked in this same position before Mikael in 2018-2020. Welcome back!