TREY’s Policy Paper update is progressing!

TREY’s Policy Paper is a document guiding the Student Union’s advocacy work. It defines the Student Union’s political objectives and policies of advocacy work. The Policy Paper guides the daily advocacy work and decision-making of the Student Union’s Executive Board and employees, as well as the activities of the Council of Representatives. The Council of Representatives will discuss and approve the Policy Paper at its meeting on 28 April.

The board has discussed the draft Policy Paper it has prepared and approved the draft at its meeting today, on 31 March. Next, the draft Policy Paper will proceed to the Council of Representatives to comment. The council will familiarise itself with this draft in the coming weeks, after which the council will discuss the Policy Paper at its evening session on 19 March. Based on this discussion, the board will amend a new version of the Policy Paper, which it will submit to the council for approval at the council meeting on 22 April. TREY’s new Policy Paper will enter into force after it has been considered and approved by the council.

The draft Policy Paper presented to the council today is available in the media files on TREY’s website in Finnish (.pdf, 274 kt). In the comment round, the Policy Paper is only available in Finnish. If you have any questions about the contents of the draft Policy Paper and you do not speak Finnish, you can contact If you want to influence the contents of the Policy Paper, you can contact the Council of Representatives through its chairpersons (Nelly Kivinen, Chair of the Council of Representatives,

For more information on the Policy Paper process, please contact Venla Monter, TREY’s Secretary General (