Upcoming discussion events about experiences of harassment

Towards the end of the year 2020, there has been a lot of discussion in the university community about sexual and gender-based harassment in student culture. Many people who have been harassed have come forward and the issue has been repeatedly brought up in the media. TREY wants to support those students who have encountered harassment, so with the cooperation of Nyyti ry, we are organising discussions about the matter. Nyyti is a national organisation devoted to student mental health and well-being. Their experts are seasoned veterans in leading discussions about matters such as this. 

There will be two events for discussion. First, on 28 January an internet chat, and then on 2 February, a Zoom meeting. Both are aimed at students who have personally encountered sexual harassment or harassment based on their gender. The focus will be on giving students an opportunity to tell about their experiences and to receive peer support. 

NB! These events are in Finnish. We are mapping out the need for these events in English and if there is a demand, they will be arranged. If you are interested in such an event in English, please contact TREY’s harassment contact persons by e-mail (harassment@trey.fi) or via our anonymous contact form.

We follow TREY’s safer space policy in our activities, which you can read on our website. The discussions will be moderated for the purpose of maintaining a safer space for all.

If you have questions about the discussion events, you can send e-mail to TREY’s harassment contact persons (harassment@trey.fi).