Comment on TREY’s Equality plan’s first draft! The comment round is open 26.4.–18.5.2022

TREY’s first equality plan was approved in 2019 and right now we are doing an update. The initiative round is done now and the first version of the equality plan is ready. In the second phase of the update, we are asking comments from our student community for the first version of the equality plan. Comments are collected separately from the Representative Council, organizations and members.


The comment round is open from 26 April to 18 May. 


Comments are left as changes, additions, or deletions on numbered lines. For example, if you want to submit changes to the text on line one (1), you will submit a change proposal on the form. If you want to add new or delete text, you leave the addition or deletion proposal on the form on the line.


The draft of the equality plan can be found in English here.

The draft is in Finnish here.


Members can submit their proposals via this link.


We hope you will submit each comment separately. If you have more than one initiative, you can fill out the form many times! 


TREY has many steering documents and those need to be taken into account during the update of the equality plan. The equality plan needs to be in line with other steering documents. Other guiding documents can be found on TREY’s website here. A particularly important guiding document is the policy paper, which defines the things that the Student Union pursues. The Equality plan complements this document and the equality plan must not conflict with the Policy paper. You can TREY’s Policy paper here.