Corona FAQ (updated 26.3.)

Tampere University administration has decided that the Tampere University premises will be closed as of 18 March. This includes student associations’ facilities and the Domus club. No exams will be held on university premises anymore.

These changes affect students’ everyday lives considerably, and we have collected answers to frequently asked questions on this page. We will update more questions and answers when we get more information. We recommend you to follow the university’s emails and updates on the intranet.

The student union is here to support the students during this state of emergency. If you have any questions not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact or TG: @treylaura.


Are TREY’s service offices open?

  • The service offices’ physical locations are closed, but you can reach the employees by phone or email. You can find the contact information for office secretaries here:

Can I reserve vans/Domus-club or other member services?

  • You can reserve a van, the rentals and key pick-ups are managed by TTMK Domus-club or Hotelli Torni can’t be reserved, as we abide by the government instructions to close club facilities. Other rental services for members are not available from 18 March to 13 April.

Is the TREY office working?

  •  Yes. TREY’s staff and board members are working normally and available. You can find the contact information here

University guidelines

Where can I find more information on the university’s guidelines about the coronavirus?

–     You should follow the university’s notices on the intranet. You can also find up-to-date information on this page

University premises

Will the 24/7 access facilities remain open?

  • No. All university premises are closed from 18 March to 13 April according to current information.

What does it mean that “the university closes its doors”? If I have left something behind e.g. in guild or association facilities, can I retrieve it during the next month?

  •  No. You can’t access the campuses during the time that they are closed. The campuses are closed from 18 March to 13 April according to current information.

When and how are the university doors open?

  • The university front doors are closed as of 18 March. The university is closed from 18 March to 13 April according to current information.

How will the university being closed affect laboratory courses and the organising of mandatory laboratory work?

  • The laboratory studies that are mandatory or necessary for graduation are provided alternative ways for completion as much as possible. At the moment, actions that secure graduation in the spring are highlighted and special arrangements are developed. Some of the laboratory studies are bound to be postponed to the autumn or possibly to the summer. We don’t know yet about the situation after Easter, but we are finding out whether it’s still possible to provide some courses at the end of the spring.


Will there be a list somewhere of courses that can be completed remotely and for which I can still enrol?

  • We don’t know yet, we will update the information as soon as possible.

Will there be more options than usual for summer studies?

  • As a general rule, faculties aren’t planning on providing more courses than usual in the summer. Instead, they are focusing on ensuring that courses can be finished during the spring despite the state of emergency. However, some faculties are prepared for providing some laboratory courses in the summer in case the state of emergency ends before it. These will be notified about by teaching staff and the faculty as soon as possible.

Maturity tests

In some fields, the maturity test needs to be done in April to complete a degree according to the old curriculum. How will the corona situation affect this?

  • The university is preparing guidelines that determine that a summary of your thesis would suffice as a maturity test. This policy will be used both in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. More information on this will be provided later.
  • Update on 20 March: More information about maturity tests:

How will maturity tests be organised?

  • More information on maturity tests will be provided later.


Are the university’s exam rooms open?

  • Taking examinations on Tampere University campuses will not be possible between 18 March and 13 April. The assessment of student performance will be carried out by putting in place alternative arrangements. Course-specific information will be provided by teachers. Information about examinations at TAMK will be provided separately.

What should I do if an exam is postponed or it’s unclear how exams are arranged?

  • The university’s guideline is that exams shouldn’t be postponed into the future, but studies are assessed with alternative methods. The faculties’ staff is attempting to secure the chance to complete courses as far as possible. If nevertheless the completion methods present considerable challenges and exams are postponed, contact the teacher responsible for the course. You might also want to contact the vice dean for education in your faculty and the student union.

What will happen to centralised general exams?

  • Taking examinations on Tampere University campuses will not be possible between 18 March and 13 April. The assessment of student performance will be carried out by putting in place alternative arrangements. Course-specific information will be provided by teachers. Information about examinations at TAMK will be provided separately.
  • Faculty working groups are currently reflecting on this issue and attempting to provide different options. After the university premises are opened again, they will attempt to organise exams at an increased pace, so that in addition to current Tuesday–Thursday exam days, some exams would be held on Mondays and Fridays.

Will there be changes to the study assessment schedules?

  • Some faculties have provided special instructions for study assessment that give more time for assessment to the teachers. The university is preparing general guidelines on the matter.
  • Update on 18 March: A few faculties have given the teaching staff more time for study assessments on a decision from the dean. Not all faculties have done this because as a general rule, they will try to stick to the assessment times determined in the Degree Regulations. The assessment times attempt to take into consideration the migration of information systems happening in the summer and the time limits for study assessments caused by it.

If a teacher won’t agree to be flexible on completion options, what should I do?

  • As a general rule, teachers determine completion options, but in exceptional situations, there should be completion options that can be done remotely.

Exchange studies

How will I get the study credits that I can’t get due to the cancellation of exchange studies?

  • Instructions on your own degree programme’s spring studies are provided by the study coordinator/academic officer. Remember to notify Kela if your mobility period was cancelled, so that you can cancel the financial aid meant for your exchange period and get back the financial aid that belongs to you.

I’m an exchange student in Finland. Do I need to suspend my exchange and return home?

I’m an exchange student abroad. Do I need to suspend my exchange and return home?

  • We recommend you to return home immediately. However, please note that many flights have now been cancelled due to the epidemic. Make sure that your flights get you all the way to Finland. Everyone who returns from abroad must also be in quarantine for two weeks from the return date.

I have suspended my exchange studies abroad and returned to Finland. Do I need to return the grant I received?

  • The university will publish guidelines on grants within a few days, and we will update on them on this page. Hold on to all receipts from the expenses you have from e.g. travelling and overnight stays. As a general rule, grants don’t have to be returned if you can show that you have used it.


How can I access library materials if I need them e.g. for my thesis and the library is closed?

  • In order to ensure a smooth course of studies, access to printed course literature is guaranteed to all students of Tampere Universities regardless of the closure of the premises, so that the customer can order the course book they require using this form (link coming soon). The book can only be picked up in the Hervanta Kampusareena 1st floor short-loan room, from where the customer must pick up and loan the material as self-service. Once the reserved material is retrievable, the customer will receive the standard email notification. (Library bulletin)

The library is closing, will my loans expire?

  • The due dates of all loans will be postponed to Wednesday 22 April 2020. Likewise, the date of picking up the reservations will be moved to the same time. The due dates of the loans will start to appear in Andor with a slight delay. There is no need to return the material to the library during the state of emergency. (Library bulletin)


I don’t have a computer; can I borrow one somewhere?

  • The university doesn’t have computers to loan to students. In case of emergency, word processing softwares can be downloaded to most smartphones.

How will those courses be completed that require softwares available only in university computers?

  • Students should contact the head of study services of the relevant faculty. The head of study services are the contact persons of the faculty-specific response teams. (Tarja Lehto for students of medicine) Different faculties have different softwares and different practices.
  • Update on 18 March: The faculties that have these kinds of studies are pondering providing alternative assignments. They are also discussing with the software providers the possibility of adding the licenses to students’ own computer. The faculties’ staff is still working on this and they will inform students when there’s more information.

Extension to the duration of studies

If my studies are delayed due to corona, how will it affect applying for an extension?

  • Reasons for delays that are due to the state of emergency caused by coronavirus will be considered in the processing of extension applications. For the time being, we are still waiting for more information and university guidelines on the issue.


Kela will inform about other exceptions and changes later. TREY recommends using Kela’s e-services during the pandemic. You can find Kela’s updates on the coronavirus situation here.

Questions regarding Kela financial aids? Contact TREY’s social affairs specialist (Milka Hanhela, at milka.hanhela at or +358 50 361 2846.)

If the student loan compensation is dependent on graduation and I won’t graduate in time because of coronavirus, how will Kela react?

  • Under current legislation, it’s not possible to get an extension to the target time due to coronavirus. However, Kela is processing the issue. TREY follows Kela’s communications and will notify about changes to the situation.

Is it possible for Kela to be more flexible with my financial aid if I have problems in my studies due to the coronavirus?

  • The financial aid for students may be more flexible due to problems caused by coronavirus, just as with other illnesses or difficult situations. If studying has not been possible, the payment of financial aid may be continued even if you have not made satisfactory progress with your studies. The maximum period of eligibility for financial aid may also be extended.

Student meals

Will there be changes to meals, is it possible to get subsidies for eating at home?

  • The campus restaurants may open again on Monday 23 March 2020. The restaurants can offer a pick-up lunch service to University staff and students. The restaurants will be able to provide services on weekdays from 8.00 to 15.00. The meals sold to students will include the meal subsidy. Before the restaurants are opened, the service providers will be required to present an action plan identifying how they will implement their services and the measures they have taken to ensure, for example, that the restrictions limiting large gatherings are adhered to. Please check the individual restaurants’ websites for the most up-to-date information on their opening hours etc.

City centre campus

Hervanta campus

Kauppi campus

 Other locations

Please note that the situation can change rapidly. The most current information is found on restaurants’ websites. Juvenes doesn’t accept cash, but other means of payment are fine. You should take a bank card with you to all restaurants.

Support and health

What kind of support is available during remote studies e.g. for loneliness?

  • Many subject associations and guilds have already formed or will form “virtual association facilities” or other ways to hang out remotely. You should follow associations’ communication channels for these opportunities! TREY is also looking into opportunities for training and other support around the theme.
  • The following material can also help you cope with corona-related worries and uncertainty: helpline:
    (You can call the Arabic helpline in English.)Mieli ry list of instructions:

    1. Reliable information
    2. Distance from the news stream
    3. Accept uncertainty
    4. Follow instructions
    5. Talk
    6. Be prepared
    7. Hold on to routines
    8. Go out and exercise
    9. Relax
    10. Avoid alcohol and drugs
    11. Help others

Will I be able to talk to a study psychologist even when the university is closed?

  • Study psychologists and other university counselling services are available like normal, but meetings are moved to virtual platforms. You should follow the university’s intranet!

Is FSHS open normally?

  • For now, FSHS offices operate normally according to reservations. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, all group treatments are cancelled for the spring, excluding remote groups.
  • If you’re completely symptom-free, you can come to the office at an agreed time. If you have a reservation or you’re making one, you will be offered a chance for remote consultation in all cases where it’s suitable. Remote consultation is a safe way to reach a professional. You can read more on remote consultation here!


What does “public gathering” mean in the recommendations provided by the Finnish government on 16 March?

  • The state government doesn’t yet have a clear understanding of what the prohibition of public gatherings of more than ten people means in practice. The situation is unique for everyone. In practice, this probably means that meetings that are separately organised for more than ten people are prohibited. In normal life, more than ten people might still go at the same time to places such as the chemist and a grocery store. These aren’t considered public gatherings. Whenever you visit any public place, it is recommended to pay special attention to hand hygiene.

What will happen to associations’ general meetings?

  • In emergencies, associations’ regular meetings may be postponed to a later date. Associations with TREY’s association status received an email last week about organising association meetings in a state of emergency. If you’re concerned about something, you can contact TREY’s organisational sector The organisational sector will organise on week 12 a Q&A where association chairs can come ask about things on their mind.