TREY’s event guidelines for associations and students (updated on 10 June)

This article will be updated as new information comes up. Updating the article in on summer break from 19 June to 1 August.

TREY has compiled a set of tips regarding safe events and participating in them. By following these tips you can go a long way in the events. If you have any questions or need support, don’t hesitate to contact! If you need specific questions, see the table below:

Questions regarding the events of the Student Union  Board Member Hanna Vähävuori

Event Producer Jussi Kekki

040 713 0082

Associations’ events, finances and the usage of the University’s facilities  Specialist in Association Affairs Mikael Lehtonen

040 713 0079

Crisis communications and support for associations regarding media contacts Specialist in Communications and Advocacy Saana Hytönen

050 361 2454

The pandemic group of the universities community
Specialist in Social Affairs Laura Kaipia

040 713 0074

 The contact information can also be found on TREYs website.

Frequently updated news

Measures taken regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Corona FAQ

TREY’s event guidelines for associations and students (this article)

University’s guidelines

Latest updates on the coronavirus: instructions for staff and students

Authority Policies

The Regional State Administrative Agency can limit the number of participants of public events and meetings. The regional pandemic control group can recommend the limitation of the number of participants of private events. Below, you can find definitions of these meetings as well as up-to-date guidelines.

Public events and meetings

Public events mean open public entertainment events, competitions, performances and other events equivalent to them in which people participate in their own initiative. Public events are also, for example, festivals, fairs and primarily training events and seminars. Public events are also those that are bound to an invitation or to a membership unless the event can be considered a private one based on the number of participants, the nature of the event or other special grounds. Thus, the majority of associations’ events are public events.

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland has revoked the restrictions on gatherings of public events in Pirkanmaa. Thus, there are no restrictions on gatherings at the moment.

Organizing events is possible providing that the safety of the event is ensure by observing the minimum hygiene requirements of section 58 c of the communicable Diseases Act:

    • participants must be given the opportunity to clean their hands;
    • participants must be given instructions on how to keep adequate distance, how to clean their hands and other similar practices to prevent the spread of infections;
    • more intensive cleaning of facilities and surfaces must be ensured in addition to provisions issued elsewhere on cleanliness related to the activities in question;
    • participants should use the facilities in such a way that they are as far apart as possible, taking into account the specific characteristics of the activity in question, and any customer seating is arranged sufficiently far apart from each other

The hygiene requirements must be observed as long as the temporary section 58c of the Communicable Diseases Act is in effect. At the moment, the section will be in effect until 31 December 2021.

Private events

Private events are all events of private nature which are not open to the public, such as weddings, funerals, christening ceremonies, birthday parties and private social evenings and get-togethers.

The pandemic control group of Pirkanmaa no longer recommends restrictions on gatherings as for private events but they recommend that safety instructions are observed at the events (safety distance of 2 meters and the use of a mask). 

The statutory annual meetings of associations are primarily private events. Previously, it was interpreted that they are public events but the Regional State Administrative Agency changed its interpretation on 15 March 2021. You can find instructions on how to organise association’s remote annual meetings on TREY’s material data bank. 

It is obligatory to observe the minum hygiene requirements at the annual meetings of associations (see above).

Additional information on Authority Policies

Guidelines on the prevention of coronavirus infections at public events and gatherings and in the use of public spaces (.pdf, 156 kt) 

    • This document is in Finnish. The English version will be updated as soon as the authorities release it.

The impact of coronavirus  on education and culture

Answers to frequently asked questions about the effects of the coronavirus epidemic in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice

Frequently asked question the coronavirus in Finnish (Regional State Administrative Agency)

Pirkanmaa coronavirus situation and recommendations in Finnish

Different means for associations to organise safe events

    • To make it easier to trace the infection, the organisers of the event should, whenever possible, keep a record of those who took part in the event. To keep the record, there are many applications available, such as, Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. 
    • It is important to make sure that those with symptoms of illness do not attend any public events. When communicating about a public event, it is important to emphasise that people should not have any symptoms of illness. 
    • Make sure that there is a sufficient supply of hand sanitisers and places to wash hands, and inform the participants about them. 
    • Public events should be organised in such a way that it is possible for people to keep at a safe distance from one another throughout the event. The maximum number of people must be limited so that it is possible to keep a distance of at least 2 metres between people or groups of people. It is good to consider this in different checkpoint events (no physical contact or items that circle between participants).
    • In line with the recommendations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on the use of masks, event organisers should recommend the use of masks especially when there is a risk of not being able to observe the safety distance. 
    • It is not recommended to have shared food or drink trays in events. If food or drink is served, it must be done hygienically, for example with single-packed food or drinks.
    • In order to minimize contacts, we recommend limiting the amount of contacts in events. For example, fresher events including only freshers and tutors and the association’s larger events only for its members.
    • We recommend organising as many events as possible outdoors. 
    • If there are multiple outdoor events on campus, the events should be held sufficiently far from each other.
    • In University facilities, the University’s guidelines must be observed. The University facilities limitations apply to outdoor spaces at the campuses as well.
    • The participants of the events have to be informed clearly about the safety precautions both before and after the event. 
    • When organising events it is good to take into account that the guidelines of authorities can change quickly.
    • If there are coronavirus cases in your event, contact the authorities and follow their instructions.

Tips for students participating in events

    • Don’t participate in an event if you have symptoms. Remember to inform the organiser if you are not coming.
    • Remember to enroll yourself on the participation list following the instructions of the organiser. 
    • Take care of hand hygiene during the entire event. Having a personal bottle of hand sanitizer might be handy!
    • Keep a safe distance from other participants (2 metriä)!
    • Comply with the instructions given by event organisers.