Operational Grant Application for Associations April 4th – May 5th, 2024

TREY supports associations operating within TREY with operational grants once a year. In 2024, the grant budget totals €81,000. Additionally, the Student Union Building Foundation (Tampereen Ylioppilastalosäätiö TYTS) distributes its own grants in conjunction with TREY’s support. Grants are awarded based on criteria approved at the end of the previous year. The criteria for 2024 can be found on TREY’s website in the Grants section.

The application period for operational grants is April 4th – May 5th, 2024. Decisions on operational grants will be made no later than two months after the application deadline, and grants will be disbursed within a month of approval.

Only associations with TREY’s association status are eligible to apply for support. Additionally, associations must meet the criteria outlined in the association regulations for the granting of operational grants. If the association wants to apply for the operational grant and the association doesn’t have TREY’s association status, the deadline for applying for association status is April 11th using the Microsoft Forms form. The criteria for granting association status can be found in TREY’s association standing order.

All associations with TREY’s association status can apply for both or one of the operational grant components. Additional support – provided by the TYTS– can be applied for if the association has applied for one or both components of the operational grant.

Operational grants are applied for using the Microsoft Forms, which can also be found on TREY’s website. Questions about the incentive part will be answered on the basis of the
previous term of office.

For inquiries related to operational grants, please contact the association sector at jarjesto@trey.fi or directly to association specialist Markus Salonen (markus.salonen@trey.fi or TG: @treymake).