The Academic Board appointed Tampere University’s Board members – TREY’s candidate Tiina Mikkonen in the assembly

The designated term of four members serving on the Board of Tampere University/Tampere University Foundation will come to an end at the end of year 2023. By the University regulations, the Academic Board appointed in its meeting on 24 October 2023 four members to the Board for the term 2024-2027. On this term, the four board members will be Marina Erhola (Executive Officer, Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa), Anne Jalkala (Chief Sustainability and Strategy Officer, Vaisala), Johanna Kantola (Professor, University of Helsinki) and Tiina Mikkonen (Student of technology, Tampere University). 

As a part of the appointment process, the Academic Board and the Appointment Committee asked the university community to nominate candidates for Board membership. TREY nominated Tiina Mikkonen for the Board membership. Mikkonen has considerable amount of experience in student advocacy work for example from the student union’s board, different positions of responsibility such as a member of Tampere University’s first Academic Board, and various positions of trust nationwide, including positions in Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK. You can read more about TREY’s nomination from an article in TREY’s webpage. 

“After the university merger, I have kept track of the development of the university community and I can see that there is still work to do in that area. The first years have been challenging but at the same time you can see that the initial thought of Tampere3 has never disappeared. Our multidisciplinary university is unique and many things are still falling into place.

Nationwide development causes more challenges to us at Tampere. For example, the funding of the university is still inadequate and at the same time, we want to increase the number of people with higher education. As a university, we need to advocate these matters in the future so that our working days as a community will go smoothly”, Mikkonen describes.

TREY wants to thank Mikkonen for her work in advocacy and consent to be TREY’s nominee for the Board of Tampere University. We believe that Mikkonen’s position in the Board will help bring more coverage to matters important to students and promote the Board’s work among students in our university. 

“We are happy about the appointments of the Board members. Especially Mikkonen brings much-needed societal expertise to our university’s Board and a strong interface with the student union”, rejoices Student Union of Tampere University’s Executive Board Specialist in Educational Affairs Onni Härkönen. 

The Student Union of Tampere University wants to thank the board members Ville Tynkkynen and Outi Vaarala, whose term on the Board will come to an end, for their work in the Board. We also thank the Academic Board and the Appointment Committee for their contribution in the appointment process.

Tampere University informed about the appointments in their webpage.