The Student Union of Tampere University has decided to nominate Tiina Mikkonen to University Board!

The Executive Board of the Student Union of Tampere University decided on their candidate for the University Board in their meeting on 24 August 2023. The candidate is Tiina Mikkonen, Specialist in Accessibility, whose positions of trust currently include positions as a board member of Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK and Vice Chair of the City of Tampere Community Board.

“I am very pleased that TREY is proposing me to the University Board of Tampere University. I have been active in the founding phase of the Tampere University, and it would be great to be able to develop the university as a member of the Board. The Board has a significant influence on the everyday life of both students and employees at the Tampere University. In order to secure everyday work peace, investments are needed in functional support services, as well as in education and research”, says Mikkonen.

“Mikkonen would bring a lot to the University Board: experience of working in various boards, student insight and understanding of the current situation of the Tampere University in particular. Their enthusiasm for cooperation with the community would increase Tampere University’s potential to improve the well-being of the university community, and especially to develop the community’s atmosphere, coping and equality”, TREY’s Executive Board Specialist in Educational Affairs Onni Härkönen analyses the candidate.

Mikkonen has a considerable amount of experience in student advocacy work, city advocacy work as well as national advocacy work. Mikkonen has held various positions of trust both at Tampere University and during its predecessors. These positions of trust include, among others, the duties of a student representative of the Academic Board of Tampere University and the duties of a member and Chair of the Board of The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY). Mikkonen would bring representation in the field of technology, understanding of the connections between studies and working life, and understanding of the scientific and academic world to the board. Through extensive advocacy work, Mikkonen has excellent social skills and cooperation networks.

“For students, it is important that there’s someone on the board, who has insight and knowledge of being a student. With their extensive experience in student union and halloped work, Mikkonen would make the voice of students heard”, says Härkönen.

The terms of office of the four members of the board of Tampere University Foundation sr, which also serves as the Board of the University, will expire at the end of 2023. Therefore, the Academic Board will appoint new members for the board in Fall. Two of these four members will be from the proposals of the founders of Tampere University Foundation sr. TREY has made its own proposal so that matters important to us students will continue to be considered in the appointment of the new board and operation of the University Board. The university community has the opportunity to propose candidates for the board until 31 August. In support of the students’ and student associations’ own advocacy work and preparation of proposals, TREY has published an info packet on its website about candidacy for the Tampere University Board. This webpage also explains TREY’s criteria and how to make a motion on the candidate.

You can find more information on TREY’s candidacy work from Specialist in Educational Affairs Tiia Virtanen (, 0407130077).