The equality project for organisations that have an invitation-based membership system has been completed

When TREY began operating in 2019, eight of the organisations operating within the student union did not have an open membership selection. These organisations are Rankat Ankat, Blebeijit, UrOs, Pile, Elram, TEA-club, NMKSV and PerSe.

The equality project that included the organisations mentioned above began in the spring of 2019, with a transition period of two years. Adaptations to the project schedule were made in some cases, for example due to challenges caused by the pandemic situation. The project goals included, for example: clear criteria for membership selection, ability for anyone to express their interest in membership, gender not being a criterion for selection, and that membership selection is done in accordance with Section 8 of the Non-Discriminatory Act (1325/2014). Read more about the goals of the equality project here.

Organisations worked on the project independently and gave reports to TREY in meetings held at least every six months. TREY also offered additional support to the organisations in completing the project when needed.

After the two-year transition period, the project is now considered completed with all of the organisations, and their obligation to give reports has ended. The organisations now have the resources to continue independent work on equality matters and to develop their activities. The Executive Board of TREY decided on the matter at its meetings 24/2021 and 24/2021 . To conclude, all eight of the organisations mentioned above continue to operate within TREY.

More information:

Laura Kaipia, Specialist in Social Affairs