The University must return students’ access rights to campuses!

Students’ appeal for Tampere University management and the pandemic group of Tampere Universities

We students appeal for Tampere University management and the pandemic group of Tampere Universities to return students’ access rights to campus facilities back to normal.  We also demand that the main and side doors of campuses are reopened to students and that restrictions are lifted to match those of the authorities now that the rest of the society is slowly opening again as well. The decisions that the university makes should be in line with authorities’ instructions.

Campus spaces are essential for everyday student life – not only for studying, but for different activities and social life as well. These opportunities, which are essential to students’ wellbeing and progress in their studies, have been restricted for one and a half years now. Our community needs to be able to recover from the corona crisis effectively and as soon as possible.

It was clear in the answers to the corona survey conducted by TREY in the spring of 2021 that these restrictions by the university have affected students’ wellbeing and studies. In the survey, 68 % of the respondents said that the restrictions on campus facility use had a negative effect on their studies, and 76 % said it had affected their mental health. The restrictions had caused feelings of loneliness for 60 % of the respondents. These results are very telling of the importance of campus facilities and services for us students.

Broad access to campus facilities for students and the possibilities of campus facility use for student associations are essential for associations’ operations. For example, restricting the access to entrances that are located closest to association spaces makes associations’ daily operations more difficult and the spaces less accessible for students. It is also contradictory that restricting access to certain doors brings more traffic to main entrances and therefore creates more unnecessary encounters.

Events that are organised by student associations are important to the community and they help us recover from the pandemic. The university community should support these activities instead of restricting them. We hope that the restrictions on gatherings at campus facilities are lifted so that they comply with those of the authorities, and that more access to the spaces is granted for the purpose of organising student events.

In addition to that, we the undersigned associations would like to remind that the corona crisis is not a valid reason to restrict students’ access rights permanently. 24-hour access to campus facilities makes it possible to study in different situations in life, it supports community-building, and adds flexibility to studies.

The pandemic has brought various changes to studying and work as we know it, but we should now make sure that together we make decisions that lead the community in the right direction.  We hope that the pandemic group and university management are able to make decisions that support the recovery of our community and the wellbeing of students.

The results of TREY’s Corona Survey can be read on TREY’s webpage here.

Signed by

Automaatiotekniikan kilta ry

Biopsi ry

Bioteekkarikilta Bioner ry (added 1.10.)

Blebeijit ry


Club of Students of Electrical Engineering Telok ry

Complex ry

Electrical Engineering STudents’ European assoCiation Local Committee Tampere ry


Erasmus Student Network Finns and Internationals in Tampere ry (added 1.10.)

Euroavia Tampere

Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management Indecs

Guild of mechanical engineering

Interaktiivisen musiikkinäytelmän yhdistys NääsPeksi ry

International Club ESN INTO Tampere ry

Interaktio ry (added 1.10.)

ITU ry

JEF Tampere (Young European Federalists)

Johto ry

Kopula ry (added 1.10.)

Lexica ry

Luuppi ry

Medical Students’ Association of Tampere University

TEA-club (added 1.10.)

Transla ry (added 1.10.)

Mentor ry.


Naisteekkarikerho PILE


OKA ry

Rakkauden Wappuradio

Rankat Ankat

Reettorit ry


SOS ry

Spatikka ry

Staabi ry (added 1.10.)

Student association of Political Science and International Relations in University of Tampere Iltakoulu ry

Students of Social and Health Sciences



Tampere Academic Symphony Orchestra TASO

Tampereen rakentajakilta ry (added 1.10.)

Tampere Science and Engineering Students’ association ry

Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti

Tampereen Akateemisesti Sivistyneet Gambinan Ystävät ry

Tampereen Teekkarien PerinneSeura

Tampereen teekkarien soitannollinen seura ry

Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta ry

Tampereen yliopiston julkisoikeuden opiskelijat – JuJu ry

Student Union of Tampere University

Teekkari Union of Tampere

TeLE ry

the Guild of Information and Knowledge Management Man@ger

The Guild of Material Science and Engineering

The Guild of Science and Engineering Hiukkanen ry

The UN Association of Tampere

UDK ry

Uranaisten Opiskelijaseura ry

Vostok ry

Ympäristöteekkarikilta ry

Ääni ry

More information

Specialist in Social Affairs Laura Kaipia,, 040 713 0074

Specialist in Association Affairs Mikael Lehtonen, 040 713 0079