TREY calls for the community’s role in the University administration’s reform

In the initiative published today on 1 November, the University community’s representatives demand the reform of the University’s administration system and rules of procedure. The Student Union of Tampere University comments the initiative for change and calls for the University’s administration to acknowledge the time when our brand-new rules of procedure should be revised, and also to further aid the whole institute’s influencing possibilities within the reform work.

The reason for TREY commenting on this topic is that the rules of procedure document, which steers the administrative system, is a significant steering document of the whole University’s activities. The principles and models of operation that guarantee the functioning of autonomy are defined in the rules of procedure under the law. TREY wants to participate in the discussion in order to promote matters of significance to students within the University. The premises of activity are the promoting of students’ status within the University and their ability to be active members of the University community.

TREY has forwarded the comment on the University community representatives’ initiative for renewing the rules of procedure to the administration of Tampere University as well as to the Study Affairs Office. The University Board’s next meeting is on 15 November. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the University’s plan of action and finances, and the budget of 2020. TREY appeals to the University Board for it to resolve the issues concerning the status and relationship between the different bodies. If this is done, our community will benefit from increased trust, understanding and flow of information.