TREY’s Policy paper will be updated – comment the draft before 4 Feb!

The Policy paper brings together the most common policies and targets for the advocacy work of the Student Union of Tampere University (TREY). The purpose of the Policy paper is to state the topics that TREY aims to influence with its activities. In the daily life of the Student Union, the Policy Paper provides the Board and staff members with guidelines for advocating for the students’ interests and expressing official statements.

All decisions regarding TREY’s policies are made by the Council of Representatives. The content of the Policy Paper will be regularly reviewed and updated by the decision of the Council of Representatives. In addition to the Policy paper, TREY also has other documents to guide its advocacy work, such as the Equality Plan, the Principles for Safer Spaces, the Language Principles, and documents regarding advocacy during elections. Although the purpose of these documents is to supplement the Policy Paper, the policies and objectives listed in them are just as binding as the Policy Paper. In the event of any discrepancy between the above documents and this Policy Paper, the Policy Paper will take precedence.

TREY’s Policy paper will be updated at the beginning of 2024. The draft of the updated Policy paper that is subject to comments is based on the currently valid Policy paper. This Policy paper draft contains some new and updated lines that have been worked on in the Student Union office and at various occasions of the Council during 2023.

The draft of the updated Policy paper can be found on TREY’s website with line numbers (.pdf, 6 Mt)

We are asking for comments on the draft of the updated Policy paper by 4 February 2024 at midnight – leave your comments with this Microsoft Forms form.

If you have any questions about the policy paper, you can contact the Chair Noora Hakulinen (, Telegram @treynoora).