TREY’s summer 2021

TREY’s board is on holiday on 19.6.-1.8. TREY’s personnel are on holiday mostly in the month of July. In urgent matters, please contact

The holidays affect our opening times as follows:

  • The city centre service office is closed from 4 June to 1 August. The city centre van cannot be used during the summer.
  • The Hervanta service office is closed from 18 June to 1 August. The Hervanta van can be loaned and the keys can be picked up on Mondays and Thursdays from the Hervanta service office. The trailer is in use during the summer, as well. More information about loaning the van can be found on TREY’s website.
  • The service office phone of Hervanta campus and will be taken care of during the summer.

At the start of the semester we will try to open the service desks normally, in which case you can get student cards and registration stickers from our service desks (registration stickers are also available from the Student Affairs Office). We will pay extra attention to queuing practices and instructions in our service desks. If you are part of a risk group or have some other need for getting your student card and registration sticker via post it is also possible: send your student card with a return envelope to our office secretaries. Contact beforehand to discuss details. Please note that holidays may cause delays in posting student cards and annual registration stickers.

New students! Note that all new students will be registered as university students at the beginning of each academic year, in this case at the beginning of August. Ordering the student card is not possible before that date. It might take a few days for the information to update in 2021. The student card order should be possible at latest by 5 August 2021.