The overall well-being of students consists of many different things. You shouldn’t be alone with your troubles and concerns, but you should rather contact people who can offer help. If you have trouble finding out where to get help, the student union’s Specialists in Social Affairs can always guide you to the right place. You can find their contact information on the Contact page here.

There are many support services for the well-being of students, and you should take advantage of them!

Sports services

Sports services at the university are provided by SportUni. With one sports fee, you can get access to the sports services of three campuses. Read more about SportUni on their website.

Tampereen akateeminen Mahti and TUrVoKe ry organise student’s sport services and sports tutoring on campuses.

Study psychologist

The study psychologist provides services for students especially in problematic situations regarding studies but also in other difficult situations in life. You can find the study psychologist’s contact information from the University’s website.

Student pastors

The student pastors offer confidential conversational therapy regardless of religion. The student pastor Risto Korhonen (, +358 50 383 5391) is located in the chapel on the city centre campus in the fifth floor of Pinni B. The student pastor Mervi Ulmanen (, +358 50 360 9709) is located in the Festia chapel in Hervanta.

When your studies are not progressing

You can find more information about study counselling from the University’s website. If you are facing problems in your studies, you should contact the study counselling services right away. If your studies are not progressing because of personal reasons, you should contact either the FSHS office or the university’s study psychologist.

Help for substance abuse

The university has an operative substance abuse prevention programme which you can find on the University’s page here. The student version of the programme informs on how to intervene in another student’s worrying substance use.

Ehyt ry does preventive substance abuse work in the whole country, including Tampere. You can contact them if you need help or support with your own substance abuse problems or help intervening in a friend’s substance abuse. Read more about Ehyt from their website!

You can seek help for substance abuse from FSHS as well. FSHS’s Health information page has some research results concerning substances and addiction.

You can also talk about these matters confidentially with the Specialists in Social Affairs of the student union.

Early support model for students

The university has early support instructions for situations in which a student is worried about another student’s well-being. You can find the instructions from the University’s webpage.

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Tips and tricks on managing everyday life and maintaining mental well-being can be found from Nyyti ry.

Check out the Kyky project’s website concerning studying ability!