The students of Tampere have various housing options from proper student flats to open market studios and shared flats with friends. You should start looking for an apartment as soon as your place at the university is confirmed. You can usually get a shared student flat the fastest because the lines are shorter.

TREY also supervises your interests in housing matters. If you need emergency housing or help with problems concerning housing, contact the organiser responsible for housing. You can rent the student union’s van for the move. More information about renting the van can be found on the van’s own subpage.

As a student, you should apply for housing benefits. You can check from Kela’s webpage whether you are entitled to general housing allowance or housing supplement.

Below you can find information about sources that provide housing in Tampere.

Tampere Student Housing Foundation TOAS

The Tampere Student Housing Foundation rents, builds and maintains student flats in Tampere. You can apply for TOAS student flats at > How to Apply. You should fill in the application right away after finding out about your study place. If you want a flat as soon as possible, select all locations and areas. The following factors affect the rate of getting a flat:

  • When the application arrives to TOAS
  • The application type (shared or studio) and location
  • The number of children when applying for family flats

More information about TOAS can be found from the TOAS website.


Tupsula is a student house in Tampere where active technology students live. With joint effort, the residents organise all kinds of activities among the household. In Tupsula, all things (including choosing residents) are decided by a residents committee called Klaani, which consists of all the residents of Tupsula. The housing management is taken care of by TOAS. A good team spirit among the residents is the be all and end all.

Pirkan opiskelija-asunnot Oy POAS

Pirkan opiskelija-asunnot Oy, owned by the city of Tampere, rents, builds and maintains flats in Tampere. The flats are intended for young people of under 30 years studying in Tampere. You can apply to live at POAS on POAS’ website.

You should apply as soon as you get confirmation about your study place. If you want a flat as quickly as possible, you should also apply for shared flats.

Open market rental flats

Opiskelijan Tampere provides flats for students from the open market in Tampere and nearby municipalities. You can both look for and offer flats for rent through the service. Commission is not charged from the tenant or the renter. You can also look for a roommate and search for a flat together with them through the housing agency.

Commercial agencies usually charge an amount corresponding to a month’s rent for their services. In addition, the renter often requires a 1–3 month deposit. When you rent from the open market, carefully investigate everything written on the lease, so you know what you are signing up for and you can avoid unpleasant surprises. From the Vuokraturva website, you can check various instructions concerning the tenant’s rights, such as what information can be legally asked and collected in the process of renting a flat. If you are unsure of your rights as a tenant, contact TREY’s Specialist in Social Affairs.

Other renters in Tampere region

Opiskelijan Tampere apartment page

Tampereen vuokra-asunnot Oy

Tampereen vuokratalosäätiö (in Finnish only)

Tampereen kotilinnasäätiö (in Finnish only)

SATO rental apartments in Tampere region

Lumo: rental apartments in Tampere

Joo-kodit: rental apartments in Tampere region

Juli Living

Colliers Asunnot

Temporary accommodation

If you can’t find an apartment before your studies start, Opiskelijan Tampere’s temporary accommodation offers reasonably priced hostel accommodation while you’re waiting.

If Opiskelijan Tampere temporary accommodation does not work for you, TREY offers emergency housing in hostel-styled environment in the beginning of the terms. In the autumn the emergency accommodation is in use during August and September. The emergency accommodation will be in use again in January 2024. You can contact Specialist in Member Services, Helky Kouri ( about the emergency accommodation.

Conscription and housing

If you have had your own rented flat for over three months before you start conscript service, Kela will grant compensation as housing benefits for reasonable living costs. More information can be found from the conscripts section on Kela’s website.