Influence important matters to we students!

You have a great opportunity to influence important matters to we students!

Participate in planning the Student Union’s 2021! (Form open until 9.8.)

The Plan of Action is a steering document which defines TREY’s focal points for a year at a time. We have now started the Plan of Action process for 2021. We are calling you to tell us what the Student Union should do next year! We also wish to receive suggestions for the economic focal points of the Student Union and for next year’s event calendar. Read more on our website and leave your suggestions!

Who’s your top pick for the Board of Tampere University? Submit your suggestion! (Form open until 10.8.)

The term of office of two current board members will expire at the end of this year, which means that two new board members will be appointed this autumn. Students and organisations can send their suggestions to the Student Union or directly to the University. Nominate an awesome person from your own field or find a suitable candidate from some other discipline! It is important for us to receive many proposals from students to make sure that the students’ voices are heard during the appointment process of the Board of Tampere University. Read more on our website and tell us your top pick for the Board!

Have a say in the Student Union’s new Policy Paper! (Form open until 4.9.)

TREY’s policy paper will be updated next winter, when the new Representative council has started its work after the elections in November. Now the students have an opportunity to submit initiatives and tell, in what kind of things the Student Union should take a stand on. The intention of the policy paper of TREY is to communicate the political objectives of the Student Union. In the daily life of the Student Union, the Policy Paper guides the daily policy work of the employees and the board. Read more on our website and leave your initiative!

Tell us your opinion of our urban advocacy goals! (Form open until 4.9.)

TREY and Tamko (the Students’ Union in Tampere University of Applied Sciences) are creating a joint election platform for the municipal elections next year. The goal of the platform, which consists of our future urban advocacy goals, is to make sure that the students’ voice is heard in the Tampere municipal elections and afterwards during the council’s term 2021-2025. Any student in Tampere can now give their opinion on the platform draft, read more about it our website!