On this page, you can find information about the committees operating in the student union. The page will be updated when new committees are founded in the spring of 2019.

Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is a body operating under the Council of Representatives. The Administration Committee consists of one representative of each of the student union’s council groups, and the council nominates one of the representatives as the chair. If a member of the Administration Committee is prevented, a person authorised by a permanent member from their own council group can operate as the Administration Committee’s full deputy member.

The Administration Committee’s duties include processing the matters emerging in the council and giving statements about them to the council. The committee’s specific tasks are to:

  1. adequately prepare the policy questions of the council’s meetings and other arrangements related to the council’s activity;
  2. observe the student union’s administration and activity and especially questions related to the regulations and organisation of the student union; as well as
  3. put forward motions of the observations for the council.


  • Aliisa Toivanen, chair, The Non-Aligned Social Scientists
  • Vivian Lunnikivi, Tietoteekkarit
  • Miikka Mäkirinta, Sitoumattomat kasvatustieteilijät
  • Ville Jäppinen, Kontakti
  • Matleena Inget, Vapaaboomarit
  • Julius Tavasti, Hallintotieteiden Liitto
  • Merve Caglayan, Vihreä lista
  • Lassi Halminen, Luuppi_Puolue
  • Ilona Taubert, Viva
  • Mikko Koivula, MEMES
  • Julius Haapakoski, Kahden Tähden Teekkarit
  • Jani Patrakka, International Representatives Group
  • Siiri Viippola, Medaattorit
  • Valtteri Seppälä, KyltyrBöndet
  • Arttu Rintanen, Oikeisto-opiskelijat
  • Konsta Salo, RATTOISA
  • Juho Mäkinen, BosaBeerParty

Committee for Financial Affairs

The Committee for Financial Affairs is a body working under the Council of Representatives. The duties of the committee are to operate as a body of experts and to give statements to the board or the council about matters concerning their area of duties when needed or asked. The Committee for Financial Affairs consists of 3–10 persons familiar with finances and administration. A maximum of half of them can be chosen from outside the student union. The chair must be enrolled as an attending student in the University and a member of the student union. The council elects the members of the committee for one calendar year at a time.

The areas of duty of the Committee for Financial Affairs include:

  1. the student union’s finances consisting of, among other things, participating in the budget drafting, as well as preparation of the policies that steer finances;
  2. the business activities of the student union; as well as
  3. the real property and personal estate possessed and managed by the student union.


  • Kalle Tuunanen
  • Eero Vehka-aho
  • Lassi Mäkinen
  • Masi Kajander
  • Ville Tynkkynen

If necessary, new members can be added to the composition of the committee during 2019.

Honorary Committee

The student union has an Honorary Committee, which works under the Council of Representatives and is a consultative body of experts. The Honorary Committee consists of 3–10 members, which the council summons from among people of merit in student union activities. The Honorary Committee nominates a chair and a vice president among themselves, and they, together with the Chair of the Executive Board and the President of the Representative Council, form the working division of the committee.

The duty of the working division is to keep in touch with the other members of the Honorary Committee and to prepare the matters discussed in the committee’s meetings. The Honorary Committee’s term of office is three (3) years and is convened by the student union’s board or chair. The council can grant resignation for a member of the Honorary Committee and select a new member within the framework of the regulations of the student union.

The duties of the Honorary Committee are:

  1. preparing and updating the Standing order on badges and flags;
  2. processing and preparing honours; as well as
  3. other tasks assigned by the council.


  • Tuire Jalaskoski
  • Eero Vehka-aho
  • Suvi Parhankangas
  • Paula Nykänen
  • Ville Korpiluoto
  • Juha Köykkä