The Executive Board holds the governmental and executive power in the Student Union. The Executive Board is appointed for one calendar year at a time by the Council of Representatives. The Executive Board handles the supervision of interests in the long term, manages the student union’s day-to-day issues and activities and is in charge of executing the plan of action. The board is also the external representative of the student union, and it supervises the administration of the student union and uses the executive power within the limits set by the student union’s rules and the council’s decisions. The Executive Board is accountable to the Student Union’s Council of Representatives for all of their actions.

The Executive Board is composed of the chairperson and a maximum of 11 other members. Each of the members of the Executive Board is responsible for activities in one or more sectors. There are several sectors in the student union, including educational affairs, social affairs, international affairs, association affairs, events, sports, corporate cooperation, development cooperation, environmental affairs, communications as well as urban advocacy. The board members work in cooperation with the student union’s specialists.

Despite the sector division, the members of the Executive Board work closely with each other and develop the student union.

Each semester, the Executive Board has weekly meetings. The lists of decisions made by the Executive Board can be read either from the student union’s official notice board or from the student union’s website.

Pictures of the board members: TT-kamerat / Aaro Tuukkanen and Olli Tammenlarva

Executive board

Iiris Taubert: Chair

Telegram: @treyiiris

Artturi Lindeman: Vice-chair, financial affairs, member services, corporate cooperation

+35844 3610300
Telegram: @treyartturi

Lassi Halminen: Associations, campus development, sports

Telegram: @treylassi

Olga Teräväinen: Associations, development cooperation, international affairs

Telegram: @treyolga

Vili Sipilä: Educational affairs

Telegram: @treyvili

Tuomas Karvonen: Educational affairs, international affairs

Telegram: @treytuomas

Hilla Mäkinen: Communications, brand, volunteers

Telegram: @treyhilla

Emmi Juolahti: Equality, municipal politics, housing

Telegram: @treyemmi

Miska Puputti: Health, welfare, tutoring

Telegram: @treymiska

Hanna Vähävuori: Events, sustainable development

Telegram: @treyhanna