Student representatives can be found both in the administration and other bodies. In general, the duties of student representatives are to disclose the opinions of students and represent the students in different events. The nomination and the activities of the student representatives have been decided by the student union’s Council of Representatives as they have decided on the Standing Order on Electing Student Representatives.

The student union representatives

The student union is connected with different associations, foundations and communities. Depending on the place, the student union’s student representative is nominated by either the council or the board.

Tampere Student Housing Foundation rents, builds and maintains student housing in Tampere. TREY has a representative in the board, the delegation and the construction committee of TOAS.


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Antti Altsten, debuty member Emmi Tilvis
Paavo Antikainen, debuty member Julius Haapakoski
Freja Harjunheimo, debuty member Ida-Maaria Tervala
Maria Jussila, debuty member Ellinoora Mäkitalo
Katariina Kojo, debuty member Lauri Koski
Juho Kuusisto, debuty member Aapo Honkakunnas
Max Liikka, debuty member Marikki Heiskanen
Petra Oksa, debuty member Lassi Halminen
Outi Rissa, debuty member Riina Tanskanen
Valtteri Vapola, debuty member Niko Pankka
Eeva Ylimäki, debuty member Tuuli Tomperi
Adam Zeidan, debuty member Jani Patrakka

Construction committee

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The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS is in charge of healthcare during your university studies in Tampere. FSHS has offices in Hervanta and Kalevantie. TREY has representatives in FSHS’s delegation and in the Tampere-Hämeenlinna health service unit’s board of directors.


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Tampere-Hämeenlinna health service unit’s board of directors

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Juvenes Oy is a student-owned corporation, that produces student and staff restaurant services. TREY has a representative in their annual meetings.

Meeting representative 2019

Paula Sajaniemi
Venla Monter

Opiskelijan Tampere ry is a cooperation project started by the Tampere student bodies and student unions, as well as Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The organisation’s most significant service is its student benefits, which can be found from the Opiskelijan Tampere website and in the Pivo mobile student card.


Suvi Parhankangas (chair of the board)
Matti Andersson
Petra Oksa

Tampereen ylioppilastalosäätiö operates in favour of students and its main activity is administering the student union’s building. TREY’s council nominates a delegation, which elects the foundation’s board.


Katariina Kojo, debuty member Nelly Kivinen
Juha Köykkädebuty member Lassi Mäkinen
Panu Kortelainendebuty member Esko Nieminen
Joonas Pekkonendebuty member Aleksi Heininen
Milka Hanheladebuty member Julius Haapakoski


Tamy and TTYY founded the Pertti Liljeroos memorial fund, and its purpose is to support the study ability and well-being of university students of Tampere by distributing grants for different purposes.

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TEK’s council, board and committees have over 50 student representative, some of which are technical students from Tampere. The representatives for TEK youth committee and council are chosen by Tampereen teekkarit ry. Other representatives are chosen by the student group of TEK council.

Tiina Mikkonen

Juha-Matti Väisänen, debuty member Lassi Mäkinen

Youth committee
Aleksi Jokela, debuty member Noora Raitanen

Educational committee
Mikko Kauhanen, debuty member Nelli Putkonen
debuty member Mikko Koivula

Technology committee
Debuty member Perttu Linna

Higher education committee
Juha Köykkä

Tampere has about 35,000 university students, who form about the sixth of the whole city’s residents. TREY and Tampere University of Applied Sciences student body Tamko’s representatives work in cooperation in the group doing urban advocacy.

The student representatives are sometimes also called hallopeds. They operate as student representatives in the bodies of our University’s administration. Student representatives operate as independent full members of the body and represent all students of the whole University, faculty or alternatively the degree programme comprehensively. Any student union member enrolled as present can apply to be a student representative with the open application.

The student union nominates student representatives to e.g. the Academic Board, the Education Council and Faculty Councils. In addition to this, guilds, associations and faculty associations nominate student representatives in many working groups on the faculty level. The student representative body’s work is very important, because they ensure that the points of views and voices of students can be seen and heard in the development of education and the University.

You don’t have to be a veteran at student influencing or an expert at meetings to become a student representative. If you are interested in promoting and supervising the interests of all students while you’re studying, you were born to be a student representative. Through the position of a student representative, you can be a part of the wondrous world of student influencing!

The lists of the current student representatives according to the bodies.

More information about the student representative body’s activity: Tiia Virtanen, Academic Affairs Specialist (, +358 40 713 0077)