TREY employs several experts of student life, led by the Secretary General. The specialists of the student union work actively to influence matters at the university and in the city of Tampere as well as on the national level. Furthermore, they give counselling to students in their fields of expertise and organise trainings and events for the volunteers and associations of the student union. The specialists also draft matters for the Executive Board and work to support them in the decision-making.

The Secretary General is the head of the student union and presents matters and acts as a secretary in the meetings of the Executive Board, Council of Representatives and committees of the student union. The Secretary General develops the work of the student union, leads the advocacy, represents the student union and liaises with interest groups. The Financial and Administrative Manager manages the finances and administration of the student union and acts as the superior of the office staff. The Financial Secretary manages the day-to-day finances and accounting of the student union.

The office staff provides services for members and runs the day-to-day operations of the office. The office staff manage things such as the membership fees, the issuing of student cards, the lending of items and the booking of facilities.

The educational affairs sector helps you in matters related to studies, careers and the university.

The social affairs sector helps you in matters related to income, housing, health, general well-being, equality, sports, urban politics and the environment.

The Specialist in International Affairs and Advocacy helps you in matters related to internationality and international students. Furthermore, the specialist coordinates the advocacy work of the student union.

The student union also has specialists who work with the associations, communications, the brand of the student union, tutoring and event production.

The merger coordinator played a key role in the work to merge the Student Union of University of Tampere (Tamy) and the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY) into TREY.

Pictures by TT-kamerat / Aaro Tuukkanen, IG @artzitakesphotos

The Secretary General and finances

Secretary General

Venla Monter

Phone +358 50 361 2854
TG: @treyvenla

Financial and Administrative Manager

Joonas Streng

Phone +358 45 775 05212

Financial Secretary

Lea Kontoniemi

Phone +358 44 361 0212

Sales Coordinator

Mari Sillanpää

Phone +358 44 718 4453

The office staff

Office Secretary (city centre campus)

Tuire Jalaskoski

Phone +358 44 361 0210

Office Secretary (Hervanta campus)

Helky Kouri

Phone +358 40 713 0073

The educational affairs sector

Specialist in Educational Affairs (student representatives in university administration, training, pedagogics, development of education and teaching, advising)

Tiia Virtanen

Phone +358 40 713 0077
TG: @treytiia

Specialist in Educational Affairs (student union policies, university administration, influencing on the national level, careers)

Jenny Vaara

Phone +358 50 361 2847
TG: @treyjenny

The social affairs sector

Specialist in Social Affairs (housing, income, municipal politics, elections, environment)

Milka Hanhela

Phone +358 50 361 2846
TG: @treymilka

Specialist in Social Affairs (health, well-being, equality, sports)

Laura Kaipia

Phone +358 40 713 0074
TG: @treylaura

International affairs and advocacy

Specialist in International Affairs and Advocacy

Anne Mäki-Rahkola

Phone +358 50 361 2849
TG: @treyanne

Community and communications

Specialist in Association Affairs

Mikael Lehtonen

Phone +358 40 713 0079
TG: @treymikael

Specialist in Communications (communications, brand)

Saana Hytönen

Phone +358 50 361 2454
TG: @treysaana

Specialist in Tutoring

Mikko Salminen

Phone +358 40 713 0070
TG: @treymikko

Event Producer

Lauri Sahramaa

Phone +358 44 361 0204
TG: @treylauri

Student media


Aapo Laakso