The student union wouldn’t run without its volunteers. The volunteers are organized to different working groups, which have been categorised according to their working principles. This site covers only a part of all the volunteers of the student union. You can find more information about student representatives and the student representative body on their respective sites. If you want to know more about the volunteers in associations within TREY, you can find more precise information on their own sites.

TREY’s ground rules for volunteer work can be found on the Steering documents -page.

The student union and the associations within TREY offer different small short period tasks called “nakki” and they are also a way to give your effort for common good. Join TREY’s Volunteer call-channel on Telegram to stay tuned for upcoming tasks.

By using this Microsoft Forms -form, you can find volunteers for your event.


Forums are discussion groups open for everyone. You can discuss, get support from peers, and ask for tips from different actives and people interested in the matter.

TREY event coordinators

TREY event coordinators (“TREY tapahtumatoimijat”) is a discussion and peer support group which is especially meant for the event coordinators of associations within TREY and others who are interested in the subject. The group is meant for sharing tips about event organizing and searching for associations to organize events together. Contact our events-sector if you want to join the TREY event coordinators’ Telegram-group:

Communications forum

Communications forum is for the associations’ communications organisers, graphic designers and layout editors of associations’ publications within TREY. Working group’s central objectives are sharing good communication practices with associations, training in associations and branding, and peer support. Contact our communications sector if you want to join the communications forum’s Telegram group:


Sections are selected for a fixed period (for example for a calendar year) for which a separate search is organized. Any member of the Student Union can apply to the sections.


Kollektiivi is the student union’s event section, which anyone can apply to. Kollektiivi’s task is to organise the student union’s events throughout the year. For more information on the student union’s events, see the Student Union’s events page. Kollektiivi’s term of office is one calendar year and the search opens near the changing of the year.


Councils are unifying working groups. They cannot be joined directly. Members are gathered on the basis of the positions of trust in the student associations.

Tutors’ Hovi

Hovi is a gathering working group for those responsible for subject associations’ tutoring, and it includes those responsible for both national and international tutoring. The purpose of Hovi is to bring those responsible for tutoring together, to act as a peer support platform, and to provide information on matters related to tutoring.


Syndikaatti is a gathering body for the chairs of subject associations. The purpose of Syndikaatti is to serve as a network and peer support for chairs. Syndikaatti also acts as a fast low-threshold channel between the associations and TREY.

A Cup of Kopo

A Cup of Kopo (“Kupillinen kopoa”) gathers the organisers from subject associations and guilds and student representatives to discuss topical issues. The meetings are arranged approximately once in a month.