If possible, TREY will provide facilities for recreational activities for associations that have been granted association status. The association facilities and their use are coordinated by the student union, and the available facilities are granted by the board of the student union. For the most part, facilities are frequently used. As the facility quota doesn’t grow on its own, associations in line for facilities should be patient.

The association sector will answer any questions about association facilities and the facility services that are provided in cooperation with the university.

The more precise criteria for granting association facilities can be found on the Forms and documents -page.

The form with which associations can apply for facilities can be found on Microsoft Forms here.

Domus-klubi, Pellervonkatu 8 / Väinämöisenkatu 11

The oldest student housing, Vanha Domus, has a club on the bottom floor, and it’s suitable for meetings and game nights or for accommodating colleagues that visit the city. All associations operating within TREY can rent it. Photos can be found on the material bank here. The club is rented through TREY’s service office on the city centre campus, where the key can also be picked up from.

While picking up the key, the representative of the association has to sign a user form, where they accept the terms and conditions and promise to sign over the club in at least the same condition as it was in before the association rented it. Unnecessary space bookings that are not cancelled might lead to denying further bookings.

The club has showers and the kitchenette includes a coffee maker, a microwave, a fridge, a burner and dishes. In addition, the equipment includes a stereo and ten mattresses, which are kept in a storage room that connects the hallway and the fireplace room (the fireplace is not in use!). The facilities also have desks and chairs, a couple of couches and a fridge and stools. The club is entered through its own door that can be found from the east side of the building near the parking lot. The space is not unobstructed.

The club has last been renovated in 2011 and keeping it clean and pleasant is the responsibility of the associations using the facility. In addition, the club’s cleanliness is maintained by a separately chosen “cleaning tag team” that comprises of associations operating within TREY. Associations are sought for the tag team at the beginning of the year. Ideas for developing the Domus-klubi and making it more pleasant can be expressed to the Office Secretary, the Specialist in Association Affairs or the board’s association organisers.

Rules for Domus-klubi

The facilities must be cleaned after use. Take out the trash, do the dishes, put the furniture back in place, wipe the stains and dispose of other possible trash. If you fail to clean properly after your association has used the facilities, a cleaning service will be ordered from an outside source and your association will be charged for it (at least €100).

The mattresses in the storage room are only meant for sleeping, not sitting on or for other activities. After use, put the mattresses back in a neat pile in the storage room. Don’t fold the mattresses. One mattress costs €45, so if a mattress gets dirty and becomes unusable during the rental period of your association, you will be charged for it.

Don’t leave anything extra at the club.

TREY’s association facilities, the gate building of Pinni A, 4th floor

TREY’s association facilities are on the centre campus of Tampere University (Pinni A Gate Building, top floor, A4101, across from the computer lab). It is primarily meant for associations that do not have their own facilities but any student can spend time there freely during the opening hours. You can access the facilities like you do computer labs, by showing your student card to the card reader.

The facilities consist of a lounge with a kitchenette, a conference room, a storage room with a lock and an office corner. From the kitchenette, you can find a dishwasher, a coffee maker, a microwave and miscellaneous dishes. The lounge has couches, shelves, bulletin boards and other chairs. Small meetings can be held in front of the low tables. The facilities also have a computer.

The lounge doesn’t have to and cannot be booked but there is a small conference room. It is suitable for board meetings of associations and its equipment includes a long table with chairs and an overhead projector.

In addition, the association facilities have a small storage space that holds the associations’ lockers. It is only accessible with a key. Lockers sometimes become vacated. You can enquire about them from the Specialist in Association Affairs.

Rules for Pinni A’s association facilities

  • Clean the facilities after use at least to the condition that they were in before use!
  • Do the used dishes or put them in the dishwasher. A cleaner visits the facilities but their tasks don’t include filling or emptying the dishwasher and least of all doing the dishes. If the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes, start it, and if it’s full of clean dishes, empty it.
  • Recycle.
  • Remember to turn off the coffee maker!
  • The facilities are meant for peaceful and quiet hanging out, coffee-drinking and meetings.

Hotelli Torni, Tekniikankatu 10 C 105

Hotelli Torni can be booked by any associatiation with TREY’s association status and Torni can be used for e.g. accommodating excursion guests. Associations can not book the Torni for private users. Photos can be found on the material bank here. Bookings, key collection and returning the key are all done at the service office in Hervanta or contacting helky.kouri@trey.fi.

Using the facilities costs €50 a night, and it is payed before the key is picked up (account: FI76 5732 2620 0100 09, write the name of the association and booking date to the message field). The receipt of the payment if checked when collecting the keys. The facilities include 26 beds and mattresses in total, kitchenware, a microwave oven, a stove, a fridge, a toilet and a shower.

Rules for Hotelli Torni

  • The accommodation must be cleaned after use. Cleaning supplies can be found from the closet. An outside cleaner doesn’t visit the premises, so every tenant must clean the facilities after use. An extra invoice of €200 will be charged for insufficient cleaning or not cleaning at all.
  • Exercise cleanliness and appropriate behaviour when using the premises. Avoid excessive noise.
  • The renter of the facilities is responsible for all damages caused to the accommodation, its property or the grounds and nearby areas.
  • The renter is responsible for the windows being closed and the doors being locked after use.
  • If the user agreement doesn’t state otherwise, the booking time ends at 9.00 in the morning.
  • The renter is obligated to obey TREY’s representative’s instructions. The above-mentioned has a right to stop the facilities’ use if instructions are not followed.
  • The renter is obligated to make sure that the used dishes are done and put back in place.
  • Damages caused by neglecting these rules will be charged from the renter.
  • €150 is charged for a lost key.

If the facilities haven’t been cleaned, the charges from an outside cleaner are charged from the renter of the facilities. Unnecessary space bookings that are not cancelled might lead to denying further bookings.

University facilities

Student associations that have an association status within TREY have the possibility to book some of the university rooms for example for meeting purposes. Primarily the booking of rooms is free for student associations.

The bookings are made in the University’s Resource Booker with student associations’ own template (Student association bookings). The initial bookings for different student association are made by the designated persons in the associations to whom the rights to book rooms have been granted. In the beginning of the year, TREY collects the contact details of a few people per association to whom the aforementioned rights will be granted.

You can find detailed information on how to book the rooms as well as campus specific notifications and other exceptions on Intra here.