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  1. Make a booking on the reservation calender. The keys and the registration document are picked up from the student union’s service office on Hervanta campus. The registration document must be carried when driving.
  2. The trailer is located on Hervanta campus in a bomb shelter inside of the slope in Bommari. You can access the bomb shelter by foot through Rakennustalo and with a car from Korkeakoulunkatu. Remember to close the doors.
  3. After the rental period ends: The trailer is returned to its place into the slope in Bommari and the pulleys are attached inside the cover to the fastening hooks on the bed of the trailer. After the rental period, the keys are returned to the student union’s service counter in the service office on Hervanta campus, or to the black mail-box next to the service office outside office hours. The rent is paid with cash when picking up the keys. If there are additional charges, they must be paid before the rental period ends. The reservation must be cancelled 3 days before. The minimum fee (€5) is charged from a rental that has not been cancelled.
  4. The renter is responsible for any damage they have done and is liable to pay damages and to report them. When reporting damages, the renter will pay no more than the deductible (€150). If the renter fails to report damages, the amount will be the deductible + €30 per day the trailer is in maintenance.

The price and details of the trailer

Price: €5/1 h, €10/3 h, €20/day (from 10 AM-10 AM), €40/weekend (Fri 3 PM –Mon 10 AM)The bed of the trailer is 132 x 300 cm. The cover is 90 cm high. The maximum load capacity is 750 kg (trailer 150 kg and cover 40 kg). The registration number is WBE-525.Rental terms: The trailer is only rented to members of TREY and associations operating within TREY. The renter checks the trailerbefore using it and reports faults or defects immediately to the address: pseura-karry(at)lists.tuni.fi or else the renter themselves will be responsible for them.

Before use

Check that the trailer has the equipment on the following list:

  • 1 pc hitch lock
  • 1 pc padlock
  • 1 pc cover lock
  • 2 pcs load straps
  • 1 pc registration document
  • 1 pc bunch of keys

Before driving, also check that the lights work and visually check the tire pressure and that the drawbar is straight. PerinneSeura reserves all rights to changes. Send questions and report damages to the address pseura-karry@lists.tuni.fi.

Criteria for granting association facilities

The Executive Board of TREY has accepted these criteria in their meeting on April 11, 2019.

  1. The association applying for facilities must have TREY’s association status or have applied for TREY’s associationstatus.
  2. The association that is granted facilities must be an association operating within TREY.
  3. The facilities are applied for by filling out TREY’s facilities application and submitting it to the association sector.
  4. The applications are lined up according to the order of arrival.However, if facilities become vacant, the line can be prioritized according tothe associations’needs for facilitieswith theconsiderationof TREY’s board, as is specified in sections 7 –8.
  5. The association can primarily be granted one association facility and one storeroom.
  6. The positionof the association is sought to be maintainedat least on its current level.
  7. Facilities are granted primarily to student associationsof degree programmes with student intakeand advocacy associations.
  8. When granting facilities, the size of the association is prioritised, as well as whether the association needs the facilities in question to implement its activity. The facilities must benefit that association’s members. When granting facilities, the aim is to consider the characteristic of the association’s activity, for example,the need for a workspace. When theneeds forfacilities are similar for several associations who have applied, the facilities are granted for the association that applied for it first.
  9. The continuity of activity of the association applying for facilitiesmust
  10. The facilities are granted primarily from the campus that the association applied facilities from.
  11. The new facilities are primarily granted for associations that do not yet have their own facilities. If a student association or an advocacy association has made a transfer application and the vacated facilitiesbetter meetthe needs of the association than the old ones, the new facilities are granted for the association and the association’s old facilities are granted for another student association or recreational association that has applied for new facilities.
  12. Applications submitted by May 11, 2019 are processed as having arrived at the same time.
  13. The facilities are granted by the Executive Board of the Student Union based on the association sector’s proposal and in cooperation with the facilities services.

TREY and Tampere University want to support arranging remote events and meeting by offering streaming equipment for borrowing!

Booking and returning the equipment

  • The streaming equipment is available at TREY Hervanta and city centre Service Office for associations operating within TREY and all TREY members.
  • The equipment can be booked by contacting TREY Hervanta or city centre Service Office via phone or email.
  • The booking time is one day. The booking starts on weekdays at 12 and the equipment is then collectable from Service Offices. The equipment is collected within the Service Office opening hours.
  • The equipment must be returned to the Service Office on following weekday by 11.00.
  • Longer bookings must be discussed with the office secretaries.
  • If you wish to cancel the booking, please contact the Service Offices via phone or email.
  • Do not hand over the streaming equipment to outsiders!

There are 3 streaming sets available on Hervanta campus and 4 sets on city centre campus (including Logitech C925e -camera and Jabra Speak 710 -speaker)

Booking on Hervanta campus: help@trey.fi  or 040713007. Booking on city centre campus: help@trey.fi or 044 361 0210.

TREY office secretaries provide more information on equipment if needed.

Maintenance of the streaming equipment

  • Use the streaming equipment according to the given instructions.
  • Return the streaming equipment in the same condition as it was given to you.
  • If you notice any malfunctions in the equipment, please notify the office secretaries when returning the equipment.