The student union provides its members and the associations operating within it free counselling for things such as association activity, studies, the student’s livelihood and harassment. In addition, the members have a possibility for legal counselling.

Many Specialists work in the student union, and you can turn to them if you need counselling:

  • the organisational affairs Specialist answers questions concerning association activity.
  • the educational affairs Specialists will answer questions regarding studies, the student’s legal protection and the University’s administration.
  • the international affairs and advocacy Specialist answers questions regarding the internationality of associations.
  • the social affairs Specialists are there for you if you have any questions about equity.
  • the organisational affairs Specialist helps you with funding.

In addition, TREY has two harassment contact persons, who help and support students that have encountered harassment, abuse, bullying, discrimination or other unequal treatment, and they also assist associations in these situations.