Board games

Associations operating within the student union can borrow board games from the student union’s office in Hervanta and from the city centre’s service office. The selection varies in different service offices, and the borrowed games must be returned to the same office they were borrowed from originally.

Electric drill and toolbox

Renovating the association’s facilities? You can borrow a toolbox and an electric drill from TREY’s city centre service office! You can pick up the tools from the service office for a €20 deposit. You can find everything needed in a move or renovation from the toolbox, from a hammer and screwdriver to a spirit level.

Baseball and kyykkä sets

TREY rents one baseball and two kyykkä sets for a €5 maintenance cost. You can rent the sets from the city centre’s service office during opening hours. During weekdays, the sets will be rented for two days tops and during the weekends from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Ask for a receipt from the maintenance cost if you need one. If parts of the baseball or kyykkä sets go missing or they have considerable damage, the costs will be charged from the renter according to the rental terms.

One baseball set includes:

  • Three baseball bats
  • Three baseballs
  • 3 right hand gloves and 9 left hand gloves

One kyykkä set includes:

  • Four karttus (kyykkä bats)
  • A box of kyykkäs (80 pcs)

Playstation 4

A Playstation 4 game console can be borrowed for associations operating within TREY. It can be used in, for example, game nights or at the association’s office. You can borrow the console from the city centre service office for a €20 deposit and a €5 maintenance fee. Currently, we have the Singstar Ultimate -party and the NHL 17 games.


The student union, together with Tampereen Teekkarien Moottorikerho, rents two vans for student use. We aim to keep the prices student-friendly and considerably lower than fees in rental services. The renter of the van must be a member of TREY and have at least a category B driver’s license that has been approved by the Finnish police. The members of the student union can rent the van for an association that has been granted TREY’s association status. One of the vans is located on the centre campus and the other one in Hervanta. You can find instructions on renting the van in Hervanta here.

Instructions for booking the city centre campus van:

  1. Bookings through phone/email from TREY’s office (tel. +358 44 361 0210 /
  2. There are three different periods you can rent the van for: 1. A weekday, morning or afternoon Tue-Fri (from 9.30-12.30 or 12.30-15.30) 0,5€/km (the minimum fee 10€/booking). NB! Mon from 12.30, 2. overnight Monday-Thursday (from 15.30-9.30) 0,5 €/km (minimum fee 15€/booking) or 3. Weekend (Fri at 15.30 – Mon at 12.30) 0,5 €/km (minimum fee 15€/booking). NB! From May-June the weekend is Thu-Mon. The van is available for booking for the maximum of three periods in a row.
  3. Cancelling or rescheduling the booking must be done at the latest a day before the booked time. If the cancelling is late, the total amount of the minimum fees of the booking period will be charged.
  4. The keys are available for collection when the above booking periods start. If you book multiple consecutive periods, you must collect the keys during the first period, or the booking is considered cancelled and a delay fee is charged according to section 3. The keys are returned before the period ends. An additional charge of 20 euros is charged for late return.
  5. The fees in section 2 and other possible compensation will be paid to the student union’s service office while returning the keys, excluding the 200-euro excess, which can be paid with an invoice.
  6. TREY does not compensate for booking cancellations due to other users of the van but will inform about them as quickly as possible and guide you to a substitutive service.
  7. By signing the contract, the renter of the van accepts the terms above.

You can book the Hervanta campus van from here. There will be a joint booking calendar for the vans on our website later this year.


The student union, together with Tampereen Teekkarien PerinneSeura, rents a trailer for students to use. The renter of the trailer must be a member of TREY and have at least a category B driver’s license that has been approved by the Finnish police. The members of the student union can rent the trailer for an association that has been granted TREY’s association status. The trailer is located in Hervanta campus’ bomb shelter, inside of the slope in bommari. The instructions for renting the trailer and the prices can be found here. The trailer is booked via the booking calendar or by contacting the Hervanta service office.

During the summer, when the service office is closed, the trailer is booked directly via PerinneSeura at