TREY organises different kinds of training for associations during each academic year. The key training events are the Organisation start in January, and the accounting lecture in the spring. The Organisation start, which usually takes place in January or February, includes training for association activity, communications and advocacy. In the Organisational coffees, the student union’s operators share their latest news to the representatives of associations. In addition, TREY trains and educates to the administration’s student representatives and the association’s educational affairs organisators regularly: At Kopo-cocktails, the student representatives and the representatives of student associations network and get to know each other. KOO-night and A Cup of Kopo are training and discussion events that focus on current issues, and they are open for everyone. Tutors and tutor organisers have their own events and training as well. TREY also organises other training as needed.

Association operators should remember, that in addition to training, useful advice and practices can be acquired from chair meetings and in different division meetings. The dates of the training events and meetings can be found from TREY’s website, the email lists and from association’s meetings. It might also be useful to follow other association channels on social media.

Chair meetings

The chairs of associations operating within TREY will be summoned to chair meetings every month (January-February and September-December). The meetings are usually held either at a pub, in sauna premises, the University campuses’ lecture halls or at TREY’s office.

The purpose of the meetings is for TREY to keep in contact with the associations operating within it and to share important information with the chairs. The associations can similarly raise questions about matters important to them and network with each other.

Accounting lecture

The target group of the lecture is primarily the treasures of the associations operating within TREY, but it is also recommended to operation inspectors. Any member of the student union interested in the topic can join as well. You cannot get credits from attending the lecture, but it doesn’t cost anything. The materials used in the lecture will be provided by the organisers. Attendance is not mandatory, and you don’t have to sign up. The accounting lecture is held in the spring. The lecture focuses on the basics of accounting for associations. The exercises done in the lecture are as close as possible to the practicalities of the association’s activities. The goal is that after completing the lecture, the persons in charge of the finances of an association can practice accounting in a technically correct way.

Questions about channels and training or ideas about new training events can be send to the organisational affairs Specialist Tuulia Laakso (, +35840 713 0079).