TREY organises many kinds of courses, training events and discussion meetings for association actives. The times and dates for these courses and meetings will be announced on TREY’s website, mailing lists and in association meetings. In addition to the courses below, TREY organises other training events around current affairs when needed. If you have questions or ideas regarding courses, you can contact TREY’s Specialist in Association Affairs, whose contact information can be found on the Contact-page.

Associations’ Kick-off

Associations’ Kick-off is held at the beginning of each year either in January or February. It is a collective training and networking event for all association actives. During the event you can attend various workshops, enjoy evening festivities and get to know other association actives. The workshops are themed around several topics relevant to associations including meeting techniques, management and communications.

Chair Meetings

Chairs’ Days are held once in the spring term and once in the autumn term. All chairs of the associations with TREY’s association status are welcome and, in their absence, vice chairs, leaders of working groups within associations or other interested actives may attend. Chair’s Days focus on topics surrounding leadership like self-management, motivating groups and performing. The instructors are often brilliant guest lecturers. Chair’s Days are all about learning and getting excited!

The body of the chairs of subject and advocacy associations, also known as Syndikaatti, meets every month or two for training, support and recreation purposes.

A Cup of Kopo

The monthly Cup of Kopo event offers an opportunity to get acquainted with current educational politics affairs and to network with student representatives, associations’ representatives and others who are interested in educational affairs.

Course on Accounting

The course on accounting is held every spring and is targeted primarily towards the treasurers of the associations operating within TREY, but the course is also recommended for performance auditors. However, all members of the student union who are interested in the subject can attend the course.

The course consists of the basics of accounting. The exercises provided during the course have been selected so that they cover situations that are as close as possible to the activities of associations operating within the student union. The goal is that after completing the course, the people in charge of the finances of an association can practice accounting correctly.

You cannot get credits from attending the course, but attendance is not mandatory, and the course is free of charge. The materials used during the course will be provided by the organisers. Successfully completing this course can be used to prove an association’s treasurer has the prior knowledge required for the operational grant.

The course is next organised in spring 2021, and this page will be updated with the information on its arrangements.

Administration and Financing of a Non-Profit Organization course unit

The course TTA-12030 “Administration and Financing of a Non-Profit Organization” is held each Spring in the third period. The course is useful for association board members and student representatives. The course can be completed in two different ways. One option focuses on university administration and the other on association finance and legislation. Both completion options are held at the same time and are listed under the same course code in the student’s guide. The enrolment for the course is through Sisu. Successfully completing this course can be used to prove an association’s treasurer has the prior knowledge required for the operational grant.